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Unearthly Trance @ Club 66

unearthly trance club 66 Jay Newman


After Map to Kepler came the Unearthly Trance.

unearthly trance club 66  Ryan Lipynsky

Darren Verni

Seats available on football charter flight from Medford to Kansas

Vision Airlines

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football

The SOU Athletic Department has seats available on the charter flight to Kansas for Saturday’s NAIA quarterfinal football playoff game between SOU and Baker University.

The flight will leave from Medford/Rogue Valley International Airport at 4:30 a.m. on Friday (11/27/15) and return late Saturday night.

Minimum donation is $500 per seat for the flight. If you would like to donate and not go on the trip, please email Bobby Heiken directly (

If you are interested in donating the MINIMUM $500 per seat for the flight, you MUST fill out the form at the following link …

You also have to be signed up by NOON ON WEDNESDAY.

Because of the holiday season and schedules, please no calls to the Athletic Department, as they won’t be answered. If you have questions please shoot Bobby an email.

If you are traveling with the team, please book a room at the Crowne Plaza in Lenexa, Kansas (913-217-1000).

SOU will provide transportation from the airport to the hotel on Friday and from the hotel, to the game, to the postgame meal and to the airport on Saturday. Except for the postgame meal, all meals are on your own, as well as transportation around the area.

Massey predicts…

Diving Catch

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @Matt_Retzlaff @MontanaTechFB @MsideFootball

Massey agrees with all of my picks except for Montana Tech. I think Montana Tech’s more rigorous schedule thus far will lead them to an upset victory. Note that the rankings (“standing”) are Massey’s, not the coaches. With a more objective rating system, many of the locations of Saturday’s games would change.

Massey Ratings predictions for 2015 NAIA FCS second round

Massey Ratings predictions for 2015 NAIA FCS second round

Squirrel on deck

squirrel fall color ashland oregon


Players of the Week

sou women's basketball Ashley Claussen

Ashley Claussen was the CCC Women’s Basketball Player of the Week

@SOURaiders @souwbb

Details here.

sou men's basketball Ben DeSaulnier

Ben DeSaulnier received honorable mention

Circulatory System

atriarch circulatory system lenny

Lenny Smith of Atriarch


Two years ago today I learned the circulatory system begins with your hand once you wrap your fist around your heart.

2015 NAIA volleyball pool play

sou volleyball Courtney Macklin

Courtney Macklin

@SOURaiders @RaiderVB

After last night’s win, the last ever in Riehm Arena after 58 years of use, the #19 Raiders were placed in Pool F for the 2015 NAIA Volleyball National Championship Final Site Pool Play. They need to finish in the top two of their pool to advance. The other teams in Pool F are:
#6 Vanguard (Calif.)
#7 Midland (Neb.)
#22 Coastal Georgia

Matches begin December 1 in Sioux City, Iowa.

2015 NAIA FCS quarterfinal pairings

sou football louis macklin

Louis Macklin averaged almost 11 yards a carry in SOU’s first round victory

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @LouieVHbk #NAIAFB #NAIAPlayoffs

Here are the 11/28/15 games:
Game 1 – Tabor @ Morningside
Game 2 – Southern Oregon @ Baker (Kan.)
Game 3 – Marian @ Grand View (Iowa)
Game 4 – Montana Tech @ Saint Francis (Ind.)

Game 1 – Morningside
Game 2 – Southern Oregon
Game 3 – Marian
Game 4 – Montana Tech

I was correct in 7 of my 8 first-round predictions. Tabor is the only team remaining that isn’t a top ten team (in my mind–not the coaches).

If my round two picks come true then SOU should be at Morningside for the semifinals, and Marian should be at Montanta Tech–setting up a possible all-Frontier Conference championship game in Daytona.

Frontier Conference domination

sou football sean rogers

Sean Rogers applying the heat in SOU’s 52-8 victory

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @MontanaWestern @racetodaytona @Play_NAIA @FConference

Will the NAIA “powers that be” finally realize after today’s results what people have been saying for a couple years? As I mentioned a week ago, today’s #10 at #7 (according to the NAIA coaches) was really #46 at #3 (according to Massey Ratings). Not to disrespect Kansas Wesleyan, and their 10-2 season, but they couldn’t have beaten anyone in the Frontier Conference other than Montana Northern. That’s what I said, and Massey Ratings agreed, and yet the voting coaches thought KWU was more worthy of a post season birth than Montana Western. Ridiculous.

SOU shouldn’t be playing Montana Tech next week as the top four teams (according to the coaches) won. If the system is at all fair, things will play out so that SOU ends up playing Montana Tech in Daytona this year. SOU should have played Carroll College in Daytona last year. Carroll College should have ended up with the #2 ranking last year.

Things need to be fixed in the NAIA football ranking system soon. SOU and Montana Tech should be at home next weekend. Neither will be since they had to run the Frontier Conference gauntlet just to get to the postseason.

2015 NAIA FCS update

sou football kevin blueford

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @racetodaytona @Play_NAIA

Here are the games:
Game 1 – Saint Xavier (Ill.) (7-3) at Morningside (Iowa) (10-1)
Game 2 – Point (Ga.) (8-2) at Baker (Kan.) (10-1)
Game 3 – Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) (8-2) at Grand View (Iowa) (10-1)
Game 4 – Reinhardt (Ga.) (9-1) at Saint Francis (Ind.) (9-0)
Game 5 – Dickinson State (N.D.) (8-2) at Montana Tech (9-1)
Game 6 – Campbellsville (Ky.) (8-2) at Marian (Ind.) (8-2)
Game 7 – Kansas Wesleyan (10-1) at Southern Oregon (8-2)
Game 8 – Doane (Neb.) (9-1) at Tabor (Kan.) (10-1)

Here were my predictions:
Game 1 – Morningside (Iowa) by 20+
Game 2 – Slight edge to Baker (Kan.)
Game 3 – Slight edge to Grand View (Iowa)
Game 4 – Slight edge to Saint Francis (Ind.)
Game 5 – Montana Tech by 20+
Game 6 – Slight edge to Marian (Ind.)
Game 7 – Southern Oregon by 20+
Game 8 – Doane (Neb.) by 7+

Here are the results:
Game 1 – Morningside won
Game 2 – Baker (Kan.) won
Game 3 – Grand View (Iowa) won
Game 4 – Saint Francis (Ind.) won
Game 5 – Montana Tech won by 34
Game 6 – Marian (Ind.) won
Game 7 – Southern Oregon won by 44
Game 8 – Tabor won

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