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SOU Volleyball begins 2014 season today

raiders vb southern oregon university volleyball

@SOURaiders @SOUAshland @RaiderVB #RaiderLove

The Southern Oregon University Women’s Volleyball team will start their season in a couple of California tournaments. The Raiders first home game will be on 9/4/14.

Another from Ashland’s sister city

Guanajuato bearded mexican man shop owner birds in window mexico

Yes, those are birds in cages in the windows upstairs. I could hear them from across a wide and busy street. It was only when I looked for where the sound was coming from that I saw the bearded man.

From “fan” to “in the band”

insanity's reign club 66

The stories are legendary. A fan goes to a show to support a favorite band.

One thing leads to another, and before you know it, they become a roadie for the band.

Then someone gets sick and they “fill in” on a “temporary” basis.

In the end, they will be playing guitar and/or singing lead on vocals.

Be very careful bands who you invite to shows because they tend to take over.

Some examples:
Eric Bloom took on the title “sound engineer” before switching it to “tour manager” for the band Soft White Underbelly. Before long their singer mysteriously dropped out of the band and Bloom stepped in on guitar and lead vocals, changing the band’s name to Blue Öyster Cult in the process. 40+ years later he still runs the show.

Harald Oimoen took photos of D.R.I. He worked that into a gig selling merchandise for them before taking on the title “bass tech”. The D.R.I. bassist became “tired” and Harald took over on bass duties to finish out a tour. This has lasted for the past 15+ years.

Tim “Ripper” Owens sung for a Judas Priest tribute band called British Steel. Rob Halford left Judas Priest due to “internal tensions within the band” (yeah right, like a band is really going to have any internal tensions), and Ripper stepped into Halford’s role.

Frank Bello was Anthrax’s roadie in the early days, but for the past 30 years he has served as the band’s bassist and acrobat.

Then there is the little guy in today’s photos… I highly suspect he is attempting a similar coup.

insanity's reign club 66

connor insanity's reign musichead

connor insanity's reign musichead

SOU Fall Athletics begin this week

SOU Women's Soccer vs Northwest Lisa Elledge

SOU Women’s Soccer – Lisa Elledge

@SOUWomensSoccer @SOURaiders @SOUAshland

School doesn’t begin for another six weeks, but sports begin much earlier than classes. SOU’s new soccer field is not yet ready so this weekend’s tournament (featuring Marymount California University, Concordia, and The Master’s College in addition to SOU) will be held at the U.S. Cellular soccer fields in Medford.

SOU plays at 2:30 on Saturday (8/23/14) and 11 on Monday (8/25/14). Tickets are available here.

SOU Women's Soccer vs Northwest Kylie Moltzen

Southern Oregon University Women’s Soccer – Kylie Moltzen

Ashland Daily Photo turns six-years old today

happy birthday cake jolene's sweets

Birthday cake from Jolene’s Sweets

View from El Gallo Pitagorico

view from El Gallo Pitagorico guanajuato blue hour

Guanajuato blue hour

Blue Italian restaurant on the hill

El Gallo Pitagorico guanajuato blue italian restaurant

El Gallo Pitagorico (Guanajuato restaurant)

I first visited El Gallo Pitagorico about 10 years ago. I don’t remember the food on that evening, only the view and the chairs.

The ownership recently changed, and we had the good fortune to talk to the new owner. She speaks English, is very nice, and she is making El Gallo Pitagorico even better. She told us she had to let some workers go because they weren’t that good at what they do. I saw her training the employees to be perfectionists.

Our food was very good. After dinner, the new owner said we could go upstairs and watch the sunset from their future bar. The bar is far from finished at this point, but El Gallo Pitagorico will only get better.

Easy to find, look for the blue restaurant on the hillside when you are at the Don Quixote statue on the side of the Hotel San Diego.

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