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Latifah Creer long jump triple college of the siskiyous

Latifah Creer

Beatty @ dusk

Dusk at the ranch

Took a one-day trip out to our friends’ ranch this past Saturday. Always beautiful, always a good time.

Paulina Plunge Waterfall

paulina creek falls plunge bend oregon

Paulina Creek Falls (Bend, Oregon)

My random, desktop image of the day is this one from five years ago.

I cringe when I look at the EXIF data on photos I took back then. The good news is I’ve learned from my mistakes.

Claressa Shields wins another gold

#‎Rio2016‬ @Claressashields @ashlandfilm @trexthefilm @caneparitilidie

Congratulations to Claressa Shields on winning her second gold medal today. The T-Rex documentary on her life (up to about 2013) is outstanding. You can watch it here.

AIFF 2015 Al Case T Rex Varsity 3 Drea Cooper Zackary Canepari

T-Rex filmmakers Drea Cooper and Zackary Canepari in Ashland’s Varsity 3

Muir Creek “trail”

Muir Creek

Almost five months have passed since I began this story. I suppose I should write down a few more details before they fade from my mind.

I could not find a trail down to the water and the falls so I forged my own. It got a bit scary at times as it was fairly steep. I made it down with only a minor fall or two. I walked along Muir Creek for a while, realizing that I wasn’t going to be able to reach the waterfall without crossing the river. So I gave up on that idea and instead headed south along the east bank away from Muir Creek Falls. The views were beautiful without falls. I walked carefully as I was sinking in the snow, rather deeply, even with snowshoes. There was so much snow I was worried that it wasn’t all on solid ground, and I could plunge through the snow and into the water.

After today’s photo I turned around and began to retrace my steps. Walking was much easier stepping into my old prints than creating new ones as I’d only sink an inch or two with each step instead of many inches on my way down. I lost my fear and increased my pace. That was when my prior anxiety was realized. Although I stepped into my prior steps, this second time I went straight through the snow (more than four feet of snow) and into the water. My adrenaline kicked in like never before. It seemed to know that I was on my own, and if things didn’t quickly get better rather than worse I could be a dead man.

I think one of my snowshoes caught some wood at the bottom while my other was in water (with my foot still in it). My head and shoulders were above the snow (I’m 6’4″), my feet were in water, and my body was in snow. I couldn’t see my situation below the snow. I had no branches or other items on the surface to pull myself up with. As I struggled snow around me disappeared into the water below. That wasn’t good as without the snow around me I had no way of getting out. Details are foggy at this point as everything happened so fast, but I think I was able to get one of my poles up and out and onto something more solid than the snow immediately around me. My right snowshoe on a log or branch or something also gave me a bit of leverage. Somehow I got myself up and out of there.

The rest of the walk back up the mountain and to my car was uneventful. My socks, boots, and pants below my knees were frozen solid as they had gone under water before reemerging into the below freezing temperatures.

Cupcakes for Paris

Jolene's Sweets June 1

Jolene’s Sweets (Ashland, Oregon)

Nikon lenses for sale


If you are in, or near, Ashland and are looking for a new lens or more to use on your Nikon DSLR, I’m selling some. See my ad here.


ashland sunrise

Ashland sunrise (November 2010)

Lean in

sou track and field Margot Hamman

Margot Hamman leans in for victory

@margothamman @SOURaiders

Big controversy brewing out of the 2016 Olympics regarding Shaunae Miller diving to beat Allyson Felix in the women’s 400m final…

Death Division

death division musichead ira black

Ira Black of Death Division @ final Musichead show (August 2015)


More than a year has passed since Musichead hosted its last show. With Club 66 also closing its doors, I no longer get out much. Given the cougar situation in town, that’s probably best.

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