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Jack-O’-Lantern calendar

You need no calendar in my neighborhood when October rolls around. Just drive by the above house and count the jack-o’-lanterns. If it isn’t evening yet, add one to the number and you’ve got the current date. You see, each night they carve a pumpkin and put it out front. Every night they are all lit up. My kids love going by the place daily in October to see the new carving of the day. On Halloween, 31 jack-o’-lanterns are all glowing for the trick or treaters. However, our street never gets more than just a few (because it’s up a steep hill) so not many know of this house in town.

3 Responses to “Jack-O’-Lantern calendar”

  1. 1

    That is such a cool idea, I love it!

  2. 2

    That is a great idea (and good for them buying all of the pumpkins and doing all that work!).

    But…today is the 10th and I am counting 11 pumpkins there…??? Is my calendar wrong?

  3. 3

    I took this picture on the morning of the 6th, not today, so either they were a day behind (as they would normally put the 6th jack out on the night of the 6th) or they are counting the black jack on the side of their house as one.

    They don’t count pumpkins–only the jack-o’-lanterns.