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Ashland Creek

I headed into Lithia Park to try my first pictures shooting in RAW. The above isn’t one of them. I took the same picture in RAW and could not get it to look anywhere near as good as this. I took a bunch of others in both JPEG and RAW mode too. Same result. All look far better in non-RAW mode. The processing of the RAW images is a huge hassle too. Just to load one takes a few minutes and then the manipulation can take pretty much as long as you want to spend on it.

Some people don’t shoot in RAW because it takes a few seconds to save it to the memory card (as the RAW files are huge). That isn’t a problem with the LX3. In fact, I think you can take something like four or five pictures a second even in RAW mode. But my initial experiment in RAW will not likely have me using it again anytime soon.

This photo is of Ashland Creek in Lithia Park. The little kid’s playground is just off to the left.

5 Responses to “Ashland Creek”

  1. 1

    I shoot in both Raw as I need the large files for work, but they can be a pain. Lovely capture, really feel the movement

  2. 2

    Wnderful photo!!
    I love that brook, water is clear.
    I can hear the murmuring of the brook.

  3. 3

    Magically beautiful and serene photo!

  4. 4

    Great shot. Like the arched branch framing the top of the photo.

  5. 5
    Benjamin Madison:

    I usually shoot RAW and JPG – mostly in case I really blow the exposure or white balance. With jpgs there’s not much you can do but if you have the raw you can almost always recover a usable photo. I also usually use the RAW versions when I do hdr though hdr seems to work as well most of the time with jpgs also. It sounds like your new camera has good in-camera processing software (that compresses the RAW into a jpg). My Sony does a pretty good job too but some things (like sharpness/contrast/saturation) I’d rather do myself with the editing software I use (PhotoImpact and/or GIMP).

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