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Crater Lake week

bike rim

Ryan and I went for a bike ride around Crater Lake this past Saturday. It was a day filled with many highs and many lows. I’ll share some of those, and some photos, over the coming week.

The first “low” was that the road is much longer than I anticipated. A friend told me it takes 2.5 hours on a bike, but we did not find that to be the case. Crater Lake is about 5 miles across. Using the old equation of πr2 (pie r squared) yields a circumference much smaller than the road that goes around the crater, which we found out after the fact is 36 miles in length. You are not actually on the rim of the crater for very long or in many places on the “Rim Road.” Usually you are on the outside of the rim, with just occasional glimpses of the beauty of the lake.

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