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Beckie’s Cafe

prospect oregon pie menu

I meant to include the ending of our Crater Lake day in Crater Lake week a couple week’s back. With all of our troubles going around the lake and having our bikes stolen, we ended up leaving Crater Lake later than planned which meant we were far hungrier. We were hoping for a quick bite to eat at Beckie’s Cafe.

When we arrived at Beckie’s (by Union Creek in Prospect) we were told there would be a 20 minute wait. 45 minutes later we were seated and another 45 minutes later they finally brought our food. We weren’t very happy by then. It was our first time ordering anything other than pie at Beckie’s. That was a mistake. My blue cheese burger didn’t have any blue cheese on it and was only average, at best.

Beckie’s Cafe does do a great pie though. Today’s photo is of the pie menu. Which would you order?

I’ll show you ours tomorrow.

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    Melissa Haskin:

    May I use your photo if I link to your blog?

  2. 2

    Yep. For copyright guidelines for photos on the blog see this post:

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