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Peter Cornett of Floater

Pete, Floater’s drummer, opened up for Rob. Imagine if you will back to the late 1970s when the members of Kiss all made their solo albums. I’m not a Kiss fan so I don’t know anything about those records but I’m guessing all of the band members did not move to the guitar on them. I’m guessing Gene still played the bass, Peter played drums, etc. Maybe I’m wrong. The members of Floater, on the other hand, all play guitar on their solo albums. Pete opened for Rob playing nothing but guitar. Rob, who is Floater’s bassist, played only guitar as well. Maybe this only strikes me as interesting.

Anyway, Pete’s CD goes by the name Riverboat I believe. I couldn’t find it on amazon.

I’ll leave you with another song from Rob’s set (with Pete on drums). This is a song called “Come to Me” off Rob’s new CD. He tells a little story about it before playing.

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