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More photos and video from the SOU International Show

The Southern Oregon University International Show turned into an event where I came to understand my new camera’s limitations.

The autofocus (AF) on the Nikon D7000 in video mode has two major problems for which there is no fix. First, it isn’t smooth or quick as you’ll see in the video below. The second problem is the audible noise it makes. The video quality can be outstanding at times, but unless your target is not moving you will have problems with the autofocus. Actually, I took the camera out for more video tests today and found that even with a non-moving target the camera would sometimes try to refocus causing temporary blurs and the noise once again. Basically you can only use the autofocus if you are going to edit out all of the portions of your video when the camera is focusing. For future video on the D7000 I will have to only use manual focus, which means the quality probably won’t be outstanding. I’m very disappointed in this aspect of the camera.

The following video is of the Indian stick dance (Dandiya Raas). Many of the participants were not from India, but they looked great anyway.

Before they finished I was so frustrated with the autofocus problems in video mode that I just started taking still photos instead.

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