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“Sakura” by Naotarou Moriyama performed at International Show

Sohana and Sachta Bakshi

Many of the SOU International Show participants at the end of the performance

Takumi the samurai

This was my first time taking photos and video with my Nikon D7000 in this kind of setting (mixed stage lighting from a distance with mostly moving subjects). Photos weren’t coming out good using any setting (including Auto) I tried. Finally I settled on Sports Scene which provided decent, but not spectacular, results. Anyone have suggestions for a better camera setting for these kinds of conditions?

I had even more problems with video. The auto focus worked great at times and horrible at others (as you’ll see in the following video). Sometimes the focusing made a noise that the camera’s microphone picks up. Not good. Any tips for taking video with the D7000 18-200mm VR lens will be appreciated.

This video is of Shohei Okubo (from Waseda University) performing Naotarou Moriyama’s “Sakura.” I believe that is Yuri Hamano on the piano.

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