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Another jpg vs. RAW comparison

raw vs jpeg jpg compare concert photography poor lighting

from jpg file (about 30 seconds of processing)

I still use jpgs for most of my images even though I shoot in both RAW and jpeg. Whenever I try to process a RAW file, and the photo was taken in decent lighting, my jpg either looks better or it is indistinguishable from the RAW file which took many times longer to process. However, in low, poor, or weird lighting I still, sometimes, try to process the RAW file to see what I can come up with.

I don’t think there is much comparison in today’s photo. The jpg simply does not look better. I could have processed that jpg for hours and still not got it to look remotely as good as the RAW-processed result.

fates medallion

from RAW file (about 5 minutes of processing)

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