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Graduation cap decoration ideas

yawning graduate cap hat

Over the past month the most popular search term that landed people here was “graduation cap decoration ideas” because of this post I made of SOU’s 2011 Commencement. So, while a graduation ceremony can be boring at times (see above picture), I entertained myself this year by taking photos of decorated graduation caps. Enjoy.

graduation hat decoration ideas

graduation hat decoration idea for art student

grad cap decoration

simple, yet elegant, grad cap decoration

grad cap decorations

music major or biology major?

flower graduation cap decoration idea

simple flower graduation cap decoration idea

art softball southern oregon university grad hat decoration idea

Art major who also played softball graduation cap decoration

graduation cap decoration ideas

Graduation not the end? Tell them where you are headed next on your grad cap.

decorate your grad cap hat ideas examples samples

pbr pabst blue ribbon graduation cap decoration

Show the world that you did more in college than study. Won't mom and dad be proud?

grad cap name

graduation cap decoration ideas

graduation cap decoration

graduation cap decoration ideas grad hat

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