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Snowshoeing to Grizzly Peak

Shale City Road snow grizzly peak ski poles

Snow covered road between Shale City Road and Grizzly Peak trailhead

This past weekend, after feeling great after an hour-long workout at the Ashland YMCA, I decided to snowshoe up the backside of Grizzly Peak. Normally you can drive to the Grizzly Peak trail head but not this time of year. While there is no snow currently on the Ashland side of Grizzly Peak, there is plenty of snow on the other side.

I parked on Shale City Road near road number 38-2E-9.2. From there the snow was several feet deep so I had no choice but to start. I took today’s photo near that location. A mile later and there were no more human tracks in the snow. From the three-way junction it was just me on the snow, which felt great (like I was Ernest Shackleton or something) but at the same time it was a little scary. There were lots of animal tracks, and it was a Sunday afternoon so I figured it would be next weekend, at the earliest, before anyone found my carcass should I break a leg or should an animal decide I needed to be taken out.

On top of this, fatigue started to set in so I turned around once I got to the parking lot rather than go another 2+ miles to the top of Grizzly Peak. Next time I won’t do a workout before heading for the top, and I should be able to manage the nine-mile, round-trip hike. Nine miles in snow shoes, when you are sinking several inches with each step and gaining elevation half the time as well, is not nearly as easy as walking around town for nine miles.

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