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Jimi and Janis @ Club 66

jimi's image pearl moon janis experience tribute to hendrix club 66

Jimi’s Image – Tribute to Hendrix @ Club 66

A few nights ago Club 66 had a couple of cover or tribute bands on the bill. I didn’t know if I’d make it back from California in time to attend, but I did so I headed over to Club 66 @ 9 p.m., the supposed start time.

One of my pet peeves with the live music scene in Southern Oregon is that shows rarely start on time. If it was just five or ten minutes, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but frequently the first band won’t go on until more than an hour after the advertised start time. I have never encountered this elsewhere in the hundreds of shows I have been to in other states and countries. The shows I’ve been to in Eugene and Portland have all started on time so it seems to be an isolated issue in Southern Oregon. I no longer go to shows at Johnny B’s for this reason. Too many times I showed up at the scheduled 9 p.m. only to have to wait an hour or two for the first band to begin. A couple times I left rather than wait. Now I don’t bother going at all.

Anyway, everything appeared to be set up and ready to go for Jimi and/or Janis (Joplin impersonator Pearl Moon) at 9 p.m., but neither took the stage. At 10 p.m. the guy I was talking with had done enough waiting and he split. At 10:20 Jimi finally hit the stage, but I had to leave at 10:30. I would have come back to see the end after running my brief errand at 10:30 had they not jerked the audience around by starting nearly an hour and a half late. Instead I left for good. Too bad as it may have ended up being a good show. I’ll never know.

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