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SOU football Dustin Fretwell

SOU football – Dustin Fretwell

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With the Raiders loss to Carroll College the NAIA Football Coaches Poll rather unfairly dropped SOU three spots in the rankings. Both Carroll and SOU are undefeated against a similar schedule. (In fact, SOU has one more win than Carroll and no more losses.) SOU beat Carroll by 3 points at home. Carroll beat SOU by 2 points at home. Anyone who has watched both of those games would say that the teams are evenly matched. They would probably win about 50 games each if they played each other 100 times. Yet Carroll is ranked #3 while SOU is ranked #7. Why?

If SOU wins the rest of their games they will get at least one home game in the playoffs. However, if Carroll wins the rest of their games they will get at least two home games in the playoffs. Why?

Hopefully, SOU wins the rest of their games and a few teams ahead of SOU in the current rankings are upset between now and November 15.

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