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Pajama Violence (now known as SPIT)

pajamaxviolence pajama violence club 66 SPIT joe donahue


In the better late than never category, today’s photos are from about four months ago at Club 66. This was an all ages show featuring Gravewitch, Repellent, and Dogma. Amazingly enough, PajamaXviolence was not the first band I saw perform in their PJs. EHMD sported a onesie first back in January.

Speaking of all ages shows, there is one this next Wednesday (1/7/15) at Club 66. B├Ądr Vogu, Urinator, and Hermits will be hitting the stage at 5 p.m. and finishing before 8 p.m.

Speaking of Gravewitch, they are returning to Southern Oregon on Monday, January 26 at 6:00 p.m. at an all ages show at Musichead in Medford.

pajamaxviolence pajama violence club 66 SPIT zach S.P.I.T.


pajamaxviolence pajama violence club 66 SPIT Elizabeth Melon


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