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Raiders hold steady at #2

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Joseph Lealofi a split second before sacking preseason All-American Mac Roche in SOU’s OT victory over Carroll College

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Not much to report on the new rankings as what I said yesterday came true. The coaches are bound and determined to keep Lindsey Wilson in the number one spot, even though they haven’t fared as well against their same opponents as Reinhardt. The coaches seem to care much more about a school’s history and current year record than actual performance, home field advantage, strength of schedule, and other factors (who a school lost to and how for starters) that should matter. Lindsey Wilson being the only top 8 team from last year to still be undefeated, despite their weak schedule, is the only thing keeping them on top. All of that will be mute if Reinhardt beats Lindsey Wilson this Saturday. But will that put Reinhardt in the #1 spot? No. Why? Because Reinhardt wasn’t a top team last year. Reinhardt will get to prove themselves in the playoffs. If they do well in this year’s playoffs, the coaches will love them next year. Make sense? No, I guess not.

For SOU it doesn’t really matter. Sure, being ranked #1 would be nice, but with the final game being played in Daytona again, both the #1 and #2 teams will get home field throughout the playoffs. If SOU can continue to win, they should end up in one of the top two spots in the final rankings. That said, Morningside is barely behind SOU in the #3 spot, and they have a much easier schedule than SOU from here on out. The coaches won’t consider that, and so Morningside could slip past SOU in the rankings at some point even without an SOU loss.

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