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The Whole Picture (part 21)

sou football david weider

David Weider

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @RaiderVB @RinnieThePoooh

Welcome to installment #21 in “The Whole Picture” in which I present the uncropped, higher resolution versions of photos that has published. For prior editions click here. For higher resolution click on the photo before saving. As always, these are best viewed on a big screen rather than a cell phone.

SOU men's basketball Joel Spear

Joel Spear

sou volleyball corynn kopra

Corynn Kopra

Teran Togia

Teran Togia

Some of you may have found your way here through the link on I have had several people email me asking questions about buying prints or about finding all of my photos for a certain sport.

The photos I post here are a small fraction of the photos I actually have. If you would like to print any of the photos on this blog, you are welcome to do so at no charge. Be sure to click on the photo to get to the higher resolution size which will print with more quality. If you want to use them on the web (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), you are welcome to do so if you link back to in the description of the photo. If you are using the photo in a newspaper or magazine, please credit “Al Case, Ashland Daily Photo”.

If you would like me to search through all of my photos and send you photos of the particular athlete you are looking for I charge a reasonable fee for the time it takes me to find all of those photos and to process them for you. I do not normally sell prints. I email you the high quality electronic files in .jpg format, and you can do the printing and framing yourself through a local or online service. My email is on this page or you can comment (leave a reply) to a blog entry to communicate.

To find all of my photos for a particular sport, use the following links. Click on “Older Entries” near the bottom-left of each page to view more photos.
track and field

2 Responses to “The Whole Picture (part 21)”

  1. 1
    michael duffy:

    I am probably in the minority, I wish you put more football game pics on this website. Each pic has so much to discern,the more it is viewed, more is seen.

  2. 2

    Thanks for the suggestion Michael. I’ll take it as a compliment. Unfortunately, photography isn’t my day job. This blog is just something I do in my free time for fun. More unfortunately, it’s very time consuming. Processing a single photo takes anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. Posting them adds even more time to the equation. I do what I can. There are over 400 of my football photos on the blog so far. More can be found here: and here:

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