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Eclipse day

eclipse corvallis oregon mercury

Solar eclipse (August 21, 2017) from Corvallis, Oregon during totality (dot to the left and below the eclipse is Mercury)

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I thought I was going to be a bit disappointed with the eclipse after all of the hype, but the minute plus during totality was better than expected. Photos don’t really do the actual experience justice.

I had planned to shoot the eclipse @ 500mm on my D500 for an effective length of 750mm. However, my 200-500mm lens decided not to work on either of my cameras on this day so the above photo was shot on my D500 at 120mm (180mm effective length) and then cropped.

eclipse solar oregon state university corvallis

Solar eclipse from Oregon State University campus

The streak in the sky in the second photo is from contrails left by a plane a few minutes before totality.

eclipse shadows

eclipse shadows on ground and trees just prior to totality

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