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Marys Peak Meadowedge Trail

Old growth Noble Firs in a bed of clover

Another shot today from the hike we did a month ago on Marys Peak when we headed north for the eclipse. I don’t think I’ve ever hiked through old growth Noble Firs before. The carpet of clover made it extra special.

Good morning

ashland sunrise

Ashland, Oregon sunrise

Opposite day

grizzly peak snow ashland oregon winter

Today’s forecast is for a high of 97 degrees with lots of smoke so today’s photo is of 32 degrees and clear skies.


mt shasta snow from mount ashland

Mt. Shasta from Mount Ashland on Christmas day 2016

Eclipse day

eclipse corvallis oregon mercury

Solar eclipse (August 21, 2017) from Corvallis, Oregon during totality (dot to the left and below the eclipse is Mercury)

#OReclipse #Eclipse2017 #eclipse

I thought I was going to be a bit disappointed with the eclipse after all of the hype, but the minute plus during totality was better than expected. Photos don’t really do the actual experience justice.

I had planned to shoot the eclipse @ 500mm on my D500 for an effective length of 750mm. However, my 200-500mm lens decided not to work on either of my cameras on this day so the above photo was shot on my D500 at 120mm (180mm effective length) and then cropped.

eclipse solar oregon state university corvallis

Solar eclipse from Oregon State University campus

The streak in the sky in the second photo is from contrails left by a plane a few minutes before totality.

eclipse shadows

eclipse shadows on ground and trees just prior to totality

Eclipse day -1

Sunlight, moss, and a bed of clover

We hiked around on Marys Peak today. Most people were just heading to the summit, which was rather unspectacular, IMO, and then heading back to their cars and taking off. The view from the summit would be far more spectacular at sunrise, sunset, or on an extremely clear day. Today things were a bit hazy and the overhead sunlight washed everything out. So a runner we talked to recommended the Meadow Edge Trail. This trail was extraordinary. As we walked in an old growth Noble Fir forest the sunlight came squeezing through just enough to make the clover-covered ground look amazing. This was probably my second favorite trail (after Stout Grove in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park) that didn’t include real “views” or a lake at the end.

Eclipse day -2

Cape Foulweather Lighthouse

We are spending a couple of nights in Corvallis for Monday’s solar eclipse. Today we arrived, headed to the coast (Newport, Oregon), and arrived at the Yaquina Head Lighthouse just as the sun was going down.

3 trees 3 years ago…

beatty ranch milky way three trees

Milky Way from Beatty

Ranch sky

sycan ranch Beatty Oregon

Beatty, Oregon

#teamtokina #tokinausa #sky

Spent a few days in Beatty earlier this week…

Late May in Ashland

ashland from dana cambell vineyards

A cell phone pic from a bike ride I took last week. I wonder when the last time was that Mt. Ashland had this much snow on it on the last day of May?

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