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Marys Peak Meadowedge Trail

Old growth Noble Firs in a bed of clover

Another shot today from the hike we did a month ago on Marys Peak when we headed north for the eclipse. I don’t think I’ve ever hiked through old growth Noble Firs before. The carpet of clover made it extra special.

John Butler Trio @ Britt

britt john butler trio

John Butler Trio @ Britt Festivals (August 12, 2017)

@JohnButlerTrio @brittfestivals #withmytamron

Just a few pics from a couple nights ago…

John Butler

britt john butler trio crowd

Collective Soul @ Britt

britt collective soul

Collective Soul @ Britt (August 2017)

@brittfestivals @CollectiveSoul

Tickets are still available for John Butler Trio tonight at Britt.

britt collective soul dean roland

Dean Roland

britt collective soul ed roland

Ed Roland

Happy birthday, Brien McKinney!

Brien McKinney

Brien “Skinny” McKinney of 221Fly @ Britt (August 2017)


Holy Grail @ Musichead

holy grail musichead

Holy Grail @ Musichead (August 2015)

@HolyGrailBand @TheMetalMixtape

It’s taken me over two years to get up this photo of Holy Grail. You’re welcome.

Lake Street Dive @ Britt

britt lake street dive

Lake Street Dive (August 2017)

@lakestreetdive @brittfestivals

A year ago, I saw Lake Street Dive for the first time. A couple weeks ago, I saw them again.

221Fly @ Britt

britt 221fly brien skinny mckinney roger bradshaw

Skinny and Roger


britt 221fly

221Fly setlist @ Britt Festival (August 30, 2017)

 britt 221fly dan weaver

Dan Weaver

Armed For Apocalypse


It’s been a while since I’ve seen these guys.

I missed them when they came through in January so I guess I haven’t seen them in over five years. Time flies…

Huey Lewis and the News @ Britt

britt huey lewis

Huey Lewis

@brittfestivals @Huey_Lewis_News

When I was about 15 I got Huey Lewis’s autograph before he sang the national anthem at an A’s game. Thirty-something years later I saw him for the second time live, at Britt Festival this past Tuesday night.

huey lewis britt john victor johnny colla

Johnny Colla

huey lewis britt setlist

Huey Lewis and the News @ Britt Festival (August 22, 2017) setlist

Huey Lewis and the News

Eclipse day

eclipse corvallis oregon mercury

Solar eclipse (August 21, 2017) from Corvallis, Oregon during totality (dot to the left and below the eclipse is Mercury)

#OReclipse #Eclipse2017 #eclipse

I thought I was going to be a bit disappointed with the eclipse after all of the hype, but the minute plus during totality was better than expected. Photos don’t really do the actual experience justice.

I had planned to shoot the eclipse @ 500mm on my D500 for an effective length of 750mm. However, my 200-500mm lens decided not to work on either of my cameras on this day so the above photo was shot on my D500 at 120mm (180mm effective length) and then cropped.

eclipse solar oregon state university corvallis

Solar eclipse from Oregon State University campus

The streak in the sky in the second photo is from contrails left by a plane a few minutes before totality.

eclipse shadows

eclipse shadows on ground and trees just prior to totality

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