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When will the SOU women’s soccer team’s season end? Not today.

sou womens soccer sarah mauk

Sarah Mauk scored the first goal for SOU in the Raiders’ 2-0 victory

@sarhamocha1 #NAIAWSoccer

Details here.

sou womens soccer BAYLEE TOUEY

Baylee Touey had the second goal

Massey or Coaches?

sou football addison whitham

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The NAIA operates the football postseason in a messed up way, as I’ve pointed out many times. This is the time of year when one can very objectively test whether the system (of having coaches do the rankings which determine the postseason) is flawed or whether a better system could be put in place (such as an objective, computer ranking, based on actual results, strength of schedule, etc. like Massey Ratings).

I’ve shown, in prior years, that Massey does a much better job of predicting which team is better and how the coaches have caused superior teams from being either excluded from the playoffs altogether or having to travel to an inferior opponent’s location.

So let’s see a couple predictions before tomorrow’s games even begin.

The coaches are sending their #16 (Ottawa) to play at their #5 (College of Idaho). A #16 at a #5 in football sounds like a 3-10 point victory for the home team, correct? Not according to Massey who sees it not as #16 at #5 but as #30 at #1. Big difference as Massey has the Yotes winning by 32 points!

The coaches are sending their #15 (Baker) to play at their #3 (Kansas Wesleyan). Sounds like another 3-10 point victory for the home team, correct? Not according to Massey (who actually has Baker even lower than the coaches at #17) who predicts a Baker victory by 3.

Massey also predicts that Montana Tech and Montana Western could beat 14 of the coaches’ playoff teams at home and 11 of them on the road. However, neither team is even in the NAIA football playoffs thanks to the way the playoff teams are selected…

Men’s wrestling tomorrow night in Ashland

sou wrestling jacky hawkins matt peterson

Jacky Hawkins and Matt Peterson

@JackyHawkins10 @SOURaiders @SOUWrestling

Wrestling doubleheader on Thursday evening. Opponents are Corban at 5 and Simpson at 7.

Players of the Week

Can you dig it?

@SOURaiders @RaiderVB @hannahbogatin @EmmaRyan_4 @tristvedt_10

Details here.

sou volleyball taylor ristvedt

Taylor Ristvedt

sou volleyball hannah bogatin

Hannah Bogatin

SOU women’s soccer earn first trip to nationals

 sou womens soccer mia volpatti

Mia Volpatti

@mia_volpatti @SOURaiders #NAIAWSoccer

Although the coaches don’t have the Raiders ranked, and, in fact, they don’t even give them a single vote, Massey Ratings has the Southern Oregon women’s soccer team at #15. The Raiders will be playing Campbellsville (Kentucky) with the winner going against the #1 seed. Massey gives the Raiders a 70% chance of victory in the opening round and then a 30% chance against #1 William Carey (Massey’s #3). According to Massey, SOU had the #1 strength of schedule and the #2 defense. Massey has William Carey’s defense at #1.

Raiders win conference tournament

sou volleyball makayla hoyt

@SOURaiders @RaiderVB #NAIAWVB @HoytMakayla

After splitting the regular season title with Eastern Oregon, Southern Oregon beat EOU in straight sets last night to claim the conference tournament crown for the second year in a row. As one of the top teams, they will skip the opening round and head to Iowa in early December for the 40th Annual NAIA Volleyball National Championship.

Massey Ratings has the Raiders at #5, and the coaches will likely have them at #5 as well when the new poll comes out tomorrow.

Semifinals in Ashland tonight

sou volleyball elliott cook

Elliott Cook

@SOURaiders @RaiderVB @elli_cook

Details here.

Dark Star Orchestra is returning to Ashland

Jeff Mattson dark star orchestra ashland armory

Jeff Mattson (the Jerry Garcia of DSO) of Dark Star Orchestra (February 2018 – Ashland, Oregon)

@LiveAtTheArmory #gratefuldead #DarkStarOrchestra @darkstarorch

Nearly two years to the day of their last performance at the Ashland Armory, DSO is scheduled for a return on February 11. It’s a Tuesday night so you’ll want to take the 12th off from work. 😉

Save $5 by purchasing your tickets in advance at the normal locations (for instance Music Coop in Ashland, Magic Man in Medford, or Listen Hear Records in Grants Pass) or online here for a small fee.

2019 SOU Volleyball Senior Night (part 2)

sou volleyball senior night

2019 Southern Oregon University volleyball senior night

@SOURaiders @RaiderVB @hannahbogatin @nillawafer_8 @EmmaRyan_4 @tristvedt_10

sou volleyball emma ryan

Emma Ryan crowd

sou volleyball taylor ristvedt

Taylor Ristvedt clan

Part 1

Player of the Week

sou volleyball taylor ristvedt

Taylor Ristvedt

@SOURaiders @RaiderVB @tristvedt_10

Details here.

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