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Two years ago today…

Jackson County Fair 38 Special Barry Dunaway

Barry Dunaway


Jackson County Fair 38 Special Bobby Capps

Bobby Capps

Jackson County Fair 38 Special Danny Chauncey

Danny Chauncey

Jackson County Fair 38 Special

38 Special @ Jackson County Fair (7/24/15)


Brownies by Jolene’s Sweets

I may of taken this photo four years ago, but I can still smell and almost taste these beauties. You can see a menu and order here.

Four years ago…

lake of the woods 2013

Lake of the Woods, summer of 2013

…these ladies (now all in college) were in the process of getting wet.

Two years ago today…

sera timms ides of gemini club 66

Sera Timms of Ides of Gemini @ Club 66

@IdesofgeminI @nanotear @OfficialNeurot

Throwback Thursday

sou campus snow


My random, desktop image of the day…

Elliott Cook with the kill

mOcean volleyball santa clara elliott elli

@SOURaiders @RaiderVB @elli_cook

My random, desktop image of the day comes from two and a half years ago. Elliott will be killing it for SOU volleyball soon.

Lake Tahoe cartwheel

ellie cartwheel lake tahoe

Today’s photo doesn’t have much to do with Ashland, but that’s what happens when you are in Denmark and this shows up as the random, desktop image of the day. It’s not easy to pull off a cartwheel when you are 6’2″, but Ellie managed a little over a couple years ago after a volleyball tournament in Reno.


SOU football daytona pep rally cheer

2014 Daytona pep rally


My random, desktop image of the day…

Happy 4th!

sou volleyball american flag


Cooks Chasm?

yachats cape pepetua

Near Yachats, Oregon

First of all, apologies to those of you who check in daily for a photo. Obviously the blog has not been living up to its name over the past few weeks. I’ve been traveling, and hopefully I’ll have more regular entries going forward.

Today’s photo is from Thanksgiving a couple years ago. I’m not sure if this is Cooks Chasm or another one of the many other sheer-sided inlets on Cape Perpetua.

More photos from that trip can be found here.

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