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Smoke in the west

smoke mountains aerial approach pdx

One of the reasons I enjoy teaching in Copenhagen in the summer is the weather is better than Ashland (to me anyway, I prefer 70s to 90s). The air is crisp and clean in Copenhagen, and Ashland can frequently be smoky in the summer. This year I missed Ashland’s clean air summer season and returned just in time for the smoke.

Today’s photo comes from my return flight to Portland (PDX) from Iceland (KEF). This wasn’t anywhere near Ashland, and probably not that close to Portland. It could have been Idaho or Washington. However, visibility out of PDX was horrible so the smoke was very much in Portland.

In the three + days I’ve been home Ashland has been hot and smoky (although not as bad as it can become).

Flying into MFR after near-record snow storm

flying into medford snow mfr

Snowy Medford from the air

I’ve flown into Medford dozens of times over the years (usually after dark), but two days ago, on our way back from Las Vegas (Sedona and the Grand Canyon), was the first time I’ve seen Medford look anything like this on an aerial approach.

Ashland from Ashland Springs Hotel

grizzly ashland springs hotel

Ashland, Oregon and Grizzly Peak looking from the 9th floor of the Ashland Springs Hotel


Aerial view of Pilot Rock and Mount McLoughlin (obscured by clouds)

pilot rock mount mcloughlin aerial photography

Pilot Rock from the vantage point of the pilot

Flying over Shasta Lake

flying over lake shasta aerial view photography airplane northern california

flying over Lake Shasta

Mt. Shasta

mt shasta mount california

Aerial photo of Mt. Shasta

Today’s photo comes from a flight back in May when I flew out of the Ashland airport on my way to the Oakland airport. This photo was actually taken on the return trip in the evening.

Six Flags Vallejo

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Oakland trip by plane

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom – Vallejo, California – aerial view

Back when I was a kid, I would go to Marine World which changed its name to Marine World Africa USA when I was an older kid. We drove across the bay to Redwood City on those occasions. At some point Marine World moved to Vallejo. And at some point after that it went through a series of name changes and is now called Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and looks nothing like the Marine World I once knew.

I took today’s photo from a small airplane on my way back to Ashland in late May.

Flying by Mount McLoughlin

Oakland trip by plane mount mcloughlin southern oregon

Mt. McLoughlin from above the clouds

In late May I flew down to Oakland in a friend’s private plane. Soon after takeoff from the Ashland Municipal Airport this was the view out the window.

Portland, Oregon from the air

downtown portland oregon aerial photography

I’m traveling at the moment (in California to see Iron Maiden tonight and catch an A’s game tomorrow) so I’m leaving you with a traveling photo. Today’s pic is an aerial view of Portland. The bridges, from left to right, are the Marquam Bridge (I-5), the Hawthorne Bridge, and the Morrison Bridge.

Wagner Butte Hiking (5 of 7)

mount ashland hike wagner butte pilot rock

View of Pilot Rock and Mount Ashland from the top of Wagner Butte

The top photo today is about as wide a picture as you can get from the top of Wagner Butte. I had my ultra wide angle lens on my Nikon D7000 and shot this at 10mm. Pilot Rock and Mt. Ashland look very far away, but they wouldn’t if I was shooting at, say, 50mm or even 24mm.

blue skies with clouds and trees

Scene from Wagner Butte hike

Most days in Ashland’s summer feature no clouds at all. The sky usually isn’t this blue either as forest fires in Northern California or Southern Oregon tend to give the sky a gray haze. However, I got pretty lucky on this day to have bluer than normal skies and some clouds as an added bonus. About 3 hours after I took the above photo we had a brief thunder and lighting storm.

wagner butte rogue valley southern oregon

Wagner Butte, Jackson County, Oregon

The foundation for the lookout that was here until the 1970s is all that remains on Wagner Butte. There looked to be a rusted sink or something too. I didn’t get too close to it as there was a tornado of bugs swirling above.

Medford is in this direction, a bit to the right.

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