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Strolling around Lithia Park

Ashland Creek

Fairy Ponds

The fabled fairy ponds of Lithia Park

Today’s photo comes from a little over five years ago. I rode through the Ashland watershed this past weekend–still as beautiful as ever.

Forecast changed, no white Christmas this year in Ashland

winter ashland oregon snow lithia park

Lots of rain today though…

Ashland Creek in Lithia Park

Ashland Creek

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Ashland Creek

ashland creek lithia park

Ashland Creek in Lithia Park (Southern Oregon)

Fairy Ponds in Lithia Park

photomerge focus stack fairy ponds lithia park ashland oregon

Fairy Ponds in Ashland’s Lithia Park

Spring is a good time to photograph Ashland Creek in Lithia Park as the water levels tend to be higher, the rocks extra mossy, and you can even find an occasional spot with flowers.

Snow wheel

snow wheel lithia park

Lithia Park snow – Ashland, Oregon

Smooth and Shiny

smooth and shiny ashland oregon lithia park nikon d600

Storm leaves Ashland Creek running through Lithia Park with tons of water to process. This spoon was found in this location in the gazebo along the creek near the band shell.

Ashland Creek in May

ASHLAND CREEK lithia park

Cold Ashland Creek

snow winter ashland oregon creek lithia park

This time of year, you never know what you are going to get. One day it’s sunny and warm; the next it’s cold and snowy.

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