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Autumn in Ashland


Ashland from Dana Campbell Vineyards

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Halloween in Ashland


Ashland’s Halloween Parade from the Elks Lodge

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I had a different viewpoint for the Halloween parade this year. Next year I’ll try somewhere else as the Elks’ balcony was too crowded and most of the views were obstructed by trees that have yet to lose their leaves.

Ashland Springs Hotel

ashland springs hotel grizzly peak

Ashland Springs Hotel

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Ashland from Ashland Springs Hotel

grizzly ashland springs hotel

Ashland, Oregon and Grizzly Peak looking from the 9th floor of the Ashland Springs Hotel


Day 4 @ AIFF 2016

6-photo photomerge aiff 2016 ashland springs hotel varsity theatre panorama small

6-photo photomerge of AIFF 2016 activity on a beautiful Sunday morning in Ashland

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Awards tonight, award-winning films shown tomorrow for the last time. If you are supposed to work tomorrow, it may be a good time to take a sick day.

AIFF 2016 continues

aiff 2016 al case varsity ashland springs hotel

Ashland Springs Hotel and Varsity Theatre

@flula @ashlandfilm #AIFF2016 @AshlandSprings @CATMovies

Day two begins for the 15th Annual Ashland Independent Film Festival.

aiff 2016 al case honey buddies ashland armory flula borg

Flula Borg after the showing of Honey Buddies

aiff 2016 al case travel essentials

Travel Essentials (2016 Ashland Independent Film Festival sponsor) on the big screen in the Historic Ashland Armory

White Christmas?

Snowy Ashland

@AshlandSprings @mtashland

We will start Christmas with 80+ degree temps in Sayulita, Mexico (where we are now). By the end of the day we’ll be back in Ashland where the temperature will likely be in the 20s, and snow may be on the ground. Today’s photo is from last week just after the prior weekend’s snowfall began to melt at the lower elevations.

Early November in Ashland

11-photo photomerge ashland autumn

@TravelOregon @NHGoregon

For best results, click on the image when you are viewing this from a computer with a large monitor.

Early fall

ashland early fall springs hotel mt clouds

Ashland had a great sky yesterday. The autumn colors are just beginning. No snow on Mt. Ashland yet, and the forecast shows 80s for the next couple weeks so no snow on Mount A in the near future.

More 4th of July photos

ashland 4th of july parade sou rocky

Rocky Raider

@AshlandSprings @SOUAshland @SOUWomensSoccer

ashland 4th of july parade sou Jenni Rosenberg

SOU Women’s Soccer Coach Jenni Rosenberg hands out candy to kids at the Ashland 4th of July Parade

ashland 4th of july run byron marlowe

SOU business instructor Byron Marlowe runs down Main Street with fancy eyewear in the 2015 July 4 run

ashland 4th of july parade sou plaza

Southern Oregon University’s parade contingent descends on the plaza

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