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Grizzly Peak and the Ashland Springs Hotel

ashland springs hotel grizzly peak 20mm

This one is a bit out of focus as I set the focus for just under infinity when I should have just turned it to infinity. With my AF lenses, just under infinity seems to work best for manual focusing, but with this lens, going to infinity for anything more than about 8-10 feet away yields best results.

Snowy Ashland landscape

photomerge snowy I-5 ashland

Ashland, Oregon snowy day

I tried something a little different for today’s photo. I wanted to do a photomerge of I-5 with Ashland in the background with a twist. Normally, I photomerge by taking a series of photos starting with the left and moving right and then stitch them together in Photoshop. However, with most of the traffic coming from the right (heading south) I thought, “what if I find an interesting vehicle and capture it in several of the images?” When I saw the yellow school bus coming I started firing away from right to left. Hence it (and the cars right next to it) show up multiple times in the final photomerged panorama.

RedZone Sports Bar N Grill

RedZone Sports Bar and Grill red zone ashland oregon

RedZone Sports Bar and Grill after dark

I took a walk the other night around downtown Ashland during the blue hour with my tripod and my ultra wide lens.

Ashland overlook in autumn from Hald Strawberry Park

ashland springs hotel oregon shakespeare festival osf fall colors hiking

A little over a month ago, Ashland looked like this from the trail that switches back and forth in Hald Strawberry Park. The scene isn’t as pretty now, but the landmarks of the Ashland Springs Hotel and the Elizabethan Theater in the OSF complex are still there of course. I should try this shot again the next time it snows in town.

Ashland panorama between storms

john mccall house national historic landmark nikon d600 photomerge

It’s not everyday that you get the chance to stand on the roof of a two-story, Victorian Italianate house built in 1883 near downtown Ashland. When that opportunity affords itself on a day (near the end of autumn) when half the town is getting rained on and the other half is under a bright blue sky you count yourself lucky. Today’s photo is about a 300 degree panorama I photomerged together. For loads more details click on the above image. Depending on your browser you may want to click on it again for even more detail. See if you can find the Ashland Springs Hotel, Wagner Butte, the Historic Ashland Armory, and Grizzly Peak. If you look really closely you can also see Puck’s Donuts, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Modern Barber Shop, and the Ashland Wine Cellar.

Autumn in Ashland

mt. ashland city oregon fall season landscape photography sigma 85mm nikon d7000

Reverse angle on the Ashland Springs Hotel

ashland springs hotel grizzly peak panorama oregon

The more typical photo of the Ashland Springs Hotel is from E Main Street. The view from the rear, with Grizzly Peak in the distance, isn’t bad either.

Tokina 11-16mm evening panorama

Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X 116 Pro DX Autofocus Lens for Nikon dslr night photography

Ashland, Oregon just after sunset

Today’s photo is one of the first I took with a new lens–the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X 116 Pro DX Autofocus Lens for Nikon. I tried to stitch (photomerge) three images together to get about 200 degrees worth of Ashland, but Photoshop was not willing. Perhaps I’ll try to do it manually in Photoshop.

Mt. Ashland is to the left of center. Wagner Butte is to the right of center. Ashland High School had something going on at the football field so the lights were on and that caused the brightness to the left of center. The brightness near the far right is the Ashland Springs Hotel. The lines in the lower left half on the bottom are the cars going up and down I-5.

I took this about 15 minutes after sunset on my D7000 at f/4 for 30 seconds at ISO 100. I cropped the bottom and top off the 11mm picture to give it more of a panorama feel.

Please read the copyright notice on the bottom of every page before using images, such as this one, from this blog.

Holiday lights on the Ashland Springs Hotel

ashland oregon christmas

Ashland Springs Hotel at night during December

Moments after taking this photo there was a nasty fender bender in front of Starbucks. No one was hurt, but the sound of the cars crashing, glass breaking, etc. was pretty scary.

Ashland Springs Hotel just prior to the “Festival of Light”

ashland springs hotel christmas time

The Ashland Springs Hotel before the beginning of the Festival of Light

Part of the “Festival of Light” is the lighting up of downtown Ashland. Before the parade there are some lights, but many do not come on until Santa says so from the balcony of Alex’s. The Ashland Springs Hotel saves most of their lights for that occasion. I guess I need to go back and take a photo now that the lights on the hotel are completely on every night (until early January).

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