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Atriarch returns to Southern Oregon

Atriarch – November 2018 – West Coast Tour


Next week I’ll get to see the new version (different guitarist than the few times I’ve seen them previously) of Atriarch in Medford.

Circulatory System

atriarch circulatory system lenny

Lenny Smith of Atriarch


Two years ago today I learned the circulatory system begins with your hand once you wrap your fist around your heart.

More Atriarch pics

atriarch club 66 Brooks Blackhawk


atriarch club 66 Lenny Smith

atriarch club 66 Maxamillion Avila

atriarch club 66 Cisco Johnson

Atriarch @ Club 66 on 11/20/14

Atriarch Club 66

Atriarch @ Club 66 (November 20, 2014)


The wait was worth it. However, I hope it won’t be another three years before Atriarch plays in Southern Oregon again.

Atriarch @ Club 66 tomorrow night (11/20/14)

Brooks Blackhawk Atriarch

Brooks Blackhawk of Atriarch @ Portland’s Roseland Theater


Details here. I haven’t been this excited to see a show in a long time. Come to think of it, the last time may have been the last time I saw Atriarch (opening for Neurosis).

Atriarch, Endorphins Lost, and Tokul @ Club 66

Atriarch, Endorphins Lost, and Tokul @ Club 66 (11/20/14)

Atriarch, Endorphins Lost, and Tokul @ Club 66 (11/20/14)


In just over a month the most epic of shows will be happening in Ashland. November 20, 2014 is the day you will want to be at Club 66.

Atriarch is coming to Ashland

atriarch pdx doom metal band

Atriarch November 2014 West Coast tour

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The rumor I mentioned a couple weeks ago is true. November 20 is the big day, and Club 66 is the place.

Atriarch’s “An Unending Pathway” to be released in a month

atriarch joe bass roseland portland

Atriarch’s Joe @ Portland’s Roseland Theater (11/23/13)

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October 27 is the big day. I heard a rumor that they will soon be playing their first show in Southern Oregon in three years. I hope it is true.

Atriarch @ Roseland Theater (11/23/13)

atriarch roseland theater lenny

Atriarch’s Lenny

Today’s photo falls in the better-late-than-never category. Although it has been more than five months since the wonderful evening (with The Body, Tragedy, and Neurosis) featured in today’s photo, Atriarch remain one of my favorite bands. More photos of them coming soon…

Atriarch (band)

Nick on bass for Atriarch

Tenguska opened for the band I really went to see on Thursday night, Atriarch.

atriarch johnny b's medford oregon

Atriarch's magic box - inside are the tools of distortion which can transport the careful listener into another realm

Brooks lights the ancient oak, filling the place with smoke before blackening his eyes with the ashes

Lenny on vocals for Atriarch

Brooks on guitar and Maxamillion on drums -- the drums were the only instrument that sounded anything like "normal"

Atriarch put on an incredible show. I only hope it isn’t the last time I get to experience the atmosphere they are able to create with their live performance.