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Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament

seaside volleyball tournament beach liv rooney ellie case

Ellie and Liv

A year ago today, this happened.

Merry Christmas from the Beach of the Dead

photomerge panorama sayulita beach dead

Los Muertos

We’ve spent the past week in a sunny paradise. In less than 24 hours we’ll be back on a plane headed for Ashland and the 20-something degrees that await our arrival.

The “Beach of the Dead” (Los Muertos) is so named for the cemetery nearby. It’s actually quite lovely and a great place to avoid the crowds (on Sayulita’s main beach) if you are ever in Sayulita, Mexico.

What does 2014 hold for you?

Thomas Sichi surfing UCSB beach with kids

Today’s photo comes from our trip to Santa Barbara last week. This is the beach right next to UCSB, and this dad was taking his kids out surfing. With the challenges of moving waves, and the hopes of the young, I thought it made a good photo for the first day of a new year.

Beach time of year

ellie case stanek beach volleyball girls

Today’s photo comes from last September. I believe this was Kellogg Beach, just north of Crescent City in Northern California.

Brookings Beach Birds

beach ocean birds seabirds

I took today’s photo four years ago today in Brookings, Oregon with my old Canon PowerShot S3. Fall on the Oregon Coast can be warmer than summer as there tends to be more sun and less fog.

Pelican Bay

pelican bay california beach volleyball

Pelican Bay is most famous for its prison, but just a couple miles from the prison, on Pelican Bay itself, is a decent beach. And, yes, that is a pelican in the distance.

Surfing in California

surfing in huntington beach california

I’m heading back to California this weekend (for the 4th time in the past 8 weeks). I won’t make it down as far as Huntington Beach, where I took today’s photo, as the primary goal is to witness Roger Waters performing The Wall (again) in front of tens of thousands at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

Wave upon the rock

bandon oregon coast

Today’s photo is from Bandon, but I took a somewhat similar picture in Brookings (a couple hours farther down the Oregon Coast) several years ago. Which image do you like better?

Table Rock and table rock wannabes

oregon coast bandon table rock beach pacific ocean

Bandon's Table Rock - near Kronenberg County Park

As always, these photos look much better on a big screen after clicking on them. I have had several people ask about using my images. Here is the deal. All images can be used under a Creative Commons license for non-commercial use only. What this means is you are free to use images from on your personal blog, personal Facebook page, etc., but you must link to the page on this site that has the photo. If you can’t find the specific page you can link to If you aren’t using the photo on the web or if you can’t link, you can credit “Al Case, Ashland Daily Photo”. If you want to use a photo for any commercial use you must contact me before using the image, and we can work something out. All images are copyrighted, even though I allow people to use them.

For each picture I post there are actually two images on the server. The one you see above is a small one. For the larger size (great for desktop backgrounds), click on the image first, and then save the image that appears. I have even larger images available should you ever want to make a print.

Ellie was here

ellie was here bandon oregon beach sand writing castles

Because of a Friday meeting, I arrived in Bandon a day after the rest of my family. The next morning I headed out for a walk at dawn on the beach. One of the first things I discovered a few dozen yards down the beach was this. It brought a big smile to my face as Ellie has been writing this in the sand at every beach she goes to since she was about five years old. It’s good to see that even though she has been a teenager for a while now she is holding true to her core principles. 😉

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