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Kite flying at the beach

kite flying brookings beach oregon

Today’s photo is from our trip to the Oregon coast last spring. Takumi is shown here flying a kite.

Bandon, Oregon sunset

bandon oregon sunset

About 10 days ago, Ryan turned 16. For his birthday they headed to the Oregon coast and some ATV riding in the sand dunes. I didn’t go with them as there wasn’t space in the car for another and Ellie had a volleyball tournament. My wife took this photo of the sunset.

Crissey Field State Park

This was the view from the place we stayed in Brookings of the northern spit of Crissey Field State Park.

Low tide at dawn in Brookings

brookings oregon beach sunrise low tide

I’m a morning person. So even though no one else was close to being up on our only morning in Brookings last week, I went out for a walk on the beach. According to the tide tables, this was to be the lowest tide of the month. Compared to the day before at high tide (in which we couldn’t even make it to the beach due to the high water level), this was a completely different scene. There was more beach than I could imagine. The last 100 feet or so of beach consisted of sand that didn’t appear to ever get dry. Even though the Pacific Ocean was still a ways out there, my shoes (and not just the bottoms) got wet in this super low-tide stuff. The sand was so wet, still, that it reflected the sky and made for a nice picture. I’m not sure if I like the dog running into the corner of the picture or not.

Back to Brookings

The tsunami from Japan’s Tohoku Earthquake traveled thousands of miles and ended up affecting the Oregon Coast as well. I’m not sure if all of this driftwood was moved by the recent tsunami or not, but it did seem like more, and more recently arranged, than what one normally sees on the Oregon Coast.

Brookings was evacuated for the tsunami so the lady who rented us the place (right on the ocean but about 70 feet above it at high tide) couldn’t tell us exactly what it was like. She said they came back immediately after the forced evacuation time ended to watch the ocean come in and then out in massive movements like they hadn’t seen before. We were able to witness similar phenomena, on a much smaller scale, when the tides changed. The tsunami, even 5,000 miles from its origin, must have been spectacular.

Beach in Brookings, Oregon

We just got back from a couple of days in Brookings on the Oregon Coast. The forecast was for non-stop rain, but we got lucky a for an hour or so with a bit of sun. This beach is about 3 miles south of the entrance to the Chetco River. It’s actually just a bit north of the Crissey Field State Park. You probably can’t access it easily without renting a place that is on the beach.

Bandon, Oregon

I was digging through some old pictures and found the above one from a trip we took to the Southern Oregon Coast more than four years ago. The beach house we rented was in Bandon. Those aren’t pictures you see on the walls. Those are windows. My kids seemed more interested in the TV, but I couldn’t stop looking out the windows.

Sea squirrel

Here is the little guy I talked about in yesterday’s blog entry. He was living out on this big rock in the ocean. There was grass (or maybe it was just moss) on the top of this rock but no trees. I’m not sure what he lived on. I doubt he scampers back into town on a regular basis since the rock is only connected to the beach for a brief part of the day. Even then it is probably a 40-yard scramble over a bunch of jagged rocks with water flowing between them. Then it’s another 20-yards of beach to the trees.

I suppose you could say he is a mini, non-human version of Ted Kaczynski, living life on his own terms, bucking the trends that his predecessor squirrels followed. I didn’t notice any manifestos or bombs in his possession however.

View from a rock in the ocean

At low tide on the Oregon coast you can walk out onto some of the large rocks in the ocean that are surrounded by water when the tide is higher. I took the above picture from one of those rocks. I was quite surprised to find a living friend out there who didn’t have wings and can’t swim (as far as I know). I’ll show you him next time.

Kids at the beach

My kids enjoying the surf at Harris Beach in late October

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