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Beatty rainbow

rainbow beatty oregon

Rainbow in Beatty, Oregon

Two years ago, this happened.

Bald Eagle

rooney ranch bald eagle

In-flight bald eagle (Beatty, Oregon)

@TamronUSA #WithMyTamron 150-600mm

I would have never encountered yesterday’s great horned owl had it not been for today’s bald eagle. We were heading to the bald eagles’ nest when we encountered the owls.

Great Horned Owl

Great horned owl

Today I returned to Ashland after a couple nights in Beatty, Oregon. This photo comes from a spot near the Sycan River on Tuesday. I went back to see the owls again on Wednesday and Thursday. See them again I did. However, by the time I had my camera out, they split.

Beatty panorama

photomerge panorama beatty

7-photo photomerge of Beatty, Oregon

Horseback riding in Southern Oregon

liv rooney horse

My random, desktop image of the day is from a couple summers ago in Beatty, Oregon.

Flock of pelicans? No, they are a squadron.

beatty ranch pelicans flock

Squadron of pelicans

I took today’s photo a week ago while we were at a friend’s ranch a few hours to the east of Ashland. You probably won’t see pelicans in Ashland, but they are common near Klamath Lake. This picture captures only about half of the total pelicans that made up this squadron. After gracefully circling around the property for more than 10 minutes they were scared off by a single hawk.

What are you looking at?

beatty oregon rooney ranch blue bird house

blue bird house (tree swallow)

Beatty Bald Eagle

Beatty Oregon bald eagle

Pines, moon, and bald eagle (Beatty, Oregon)

It has been a year since I took today’s photo. I’m still mad at myself for not having a longer lens with me at the time. Here is a cropped version of the same photo so you can see a bit more bald eagle detail:

bald eagle crop

Bald eagles hunt rodents too

bald eagle with rodent in claws

bald eagle with rodent in claws

I have been kicking myself since June for only having my 24-120mm lens with me the first time I visited this ranch in Oregon high desert country. The second time I brought my 70-300mm lens, but there were no eagle sightings on that day.

This photo showed up as my background, desktop photo of the day so I decided to process it. When I viewed it at 100% I realized that this eagle has a field mouse in its talons. You can see it too if you click on the image (maybe twice depending on your browser) to view it at 100%.

Back to school

beatty oregon girls swimsuits jumping into lake

end of summer

Not for me, but for my kids, today they go back to school after a summer break that included good times like the above. My summer break continues for another few weeks.

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