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High Lakes Trail No. 6200

trail signs

Parking place for High Lakes Trail

This past week we went on a little family outing to the east of Ashland. We have done the trail from Lake of the Woods to Fish Lake before, but this was the first time we all made it for the entire round trip.

To avoid paying the $7 day-use fee by parking at one of the lakes, we parked at the sign pictured above which is approximately where the A is on the map below.

trail connecting lake of the woods and fish lake southern oregon

Biking trail map for Lake of the Woods

At this point we made a mistake and went to the right since the sign says Fish Lake is to the right. This does not put you on the High Lakes Trail (which is what you want if you are hiking or biking). Instead, it puts you on the Resort Trail which looks like an old car trail. The Resort Trail is anything but resort-like, and it eventually disappears, but not before you have to carry your bike over lots of fallen trees and ride over other rather difficult terrain. To avoid this pitfall, keep going down the road (to the left toward Brown Mountain Trail) in the top photo a bit (maybe 20 yards) and then hang a right on High Lakes Trail.

More photos and info to come in the next week…

Caterpillar Trail

caterpillar trail mountain bike riding siskiyou mountains ashland oregonsiskiyou mountains bike racingcaterpillar trail ashland watershed

Back on father’s day I was trying out my 24mm prime lens while on a bike ride up in the Siskiyous. As luck would have it, just as I got my D7000 out of the bag to take a photo of the Caterpillar Trail sign, a few riders came down so I got to test out the responsiveness in low light.

For the first rider I had the dial in the “Auto-No Flash” mode and didn’t have time to change it. Needless to say he blurred a bit as they were coming down the trail fast. That first shot was taken with a shutter speed of 1/160, ISO200, f6.3. I had a few seconds to adjust for the second guy pictured above. I quickly spun the dial over to Scene and then moved the scene to “sports.” I then fired off the above three shots in rapid succession. The camera fired at 1/1000 with an ISO of 500 and f4. I was pleased with the result of three well focused, sharp images (in poor light even), with a frozen rider in each.

BMX track in Ashland

Yours truly showing the kids a thing or two (not really) at the BMX track near the dog park in Ashland.

BMX track at end of Bear Creek Greenway in Ashland

I went for a little bike ride yesterday on the Bear Creek Greenway. Someone is in the process of building a BMX track at the Ashland end of the bike path near the Ashland Dog Park.

A couple of boys were admiring my new (to me, it’s actually used) lefty fork Cannondale so I started chatting with them. I took a few pictures of the boys on the BMX track and sent the pics to them via email after they texted me their email addresses. They were quite happy with the photos.

Ashland School Closures (or not)

We have more snow today than yesterday on the roads, and it is several degrees colder. But yesterday school was cancelled and today the Ashland School District will be in session. My kids are disappointed.

White Rabbit

ashland oregon mad hatter queen of hearts

My first time down White Rabbit was New Year’s Day in 2001. The weather was warm, and I was a rather unexperienced mountain biker at the time. This trail is not for the beginner. There are some serious drops in a few places that aren’t even easy when you walk the trail. The names of the side trails are all Alice in Wonderland themed. For a map and directions see my prior post.

A seat with a view

white rabbit trail ashland oregon

I took today’s photo last week on White Rabbit Trail, less than half a mile from Park Street.

City of Ashland – Creek to Crest Trail Route (map)

siskiyou mountain range

There are many paths to pick from when you get outside of Ashland’s main streets. I like to try a different one each time. It can get a little crazy if you are pressed for time or don’t want to get lost so take this along if that is your situation. Click on the image for a much larger and detailed version (which you can print) of this free map of places to hike, bike, and run in the mountains around Ashland. Keep heading south (from Four Corners) if you want to go to the top of Mt. Ashland.

Rim Drive

biking crater lake national park rim road

Rim Drive around Crater Lake offers many majestic views. Although the road is paved, it isn’t an easy ride. There can be lots of cars (avoid weekends and holidays), and there isn’t a flat section to be found. As a rider you’ll do lots of climbing.

Today’s photo of Ryan is of one of those brief downhill moments.

Crater Lake from the east shore

southern oregon red cone

The skies were gray all day long, but they cleared a bit near the end of the day when I took this photo of Crater Lake from near Sentinel Rock. Unfortunately, my memory of this location is not a good one as our bikes had just been stolen. How can bikes you are riding get stolen you ask?

As mentioned before the day had its low points. The ride was about twice as long as anticipated and after 20 miles my legs began to cramp. A few miles later we hitched a ride and hid our bikes off the road with the intention of getting a ride to our car, driving our car back, and picking up the bikes. All went as planned until we got back and found the bikes missing. A dishonest someone must have seen us hiding the bikes. 🙁

The only silver lining is that my bike was in need of an overhaul anyway, and Ryan is getting too tall for his.

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