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Summer Screwball Series

blend scienceworks movies

“His Girl Friday” projected on the side of ScienceWorks (6/14/15)

@ashlandfilm @LaurelSager


This summer you can watch movies at ScienceWorks outdoors every other Sunday evening. It’s sort of like a drive-in movie experience.

The Wood House

The Wood House, in Eagle Point, Oregon, turns 145 years old this year. I have never been inside. In fact, until a recent trip to hike near Crater Lake, I had never stopped even though it is right on the road. I paused for this photo because 1) I was by myself in the car for once and 2) the fog made the setting look extra good.


sou churchill hall fall autumn

SOU’s Churchill Hall in autumn


Friday was the last day of this year to catch this scene. The leaves were falling fast and furiously (as you can see if you look really closely at today’s photo; those are leaves in the air, not birds), and the weekend was a windy one.

Another from Ashland’s sister city

Guanajuato bearded mexican man shop owner birds in window mexico

Yes, those are birds in cages in the windows upstairs. I could hear them from across a wide and busy street. It was only when I looked for where the sound was coming from that I saw the bearded man.

Subterránea Miguel Hidalgo

Subterránea Miguel Hidalgo guanajuato tunnels

Streets of Guanajuato, Mexico

Ashland and Guanajuato share a lot of things in common–art community, university town, valley nestled in mountains, large tourism industry, etc. One thing Guanajuato has that Ashland doesn’t (does any place other than Guanajuato have this?) are the underground roads. Guanajuato’s tunnels sometimes have daylight overhead like the portion of the road in today’s photo.

The tunnels were originally put in place to reduce flooding and a river of water (and sewage) ran through it until 50 years ago. A dam was then built and the previous water channel was converted into a road for vehicles and pedestrians.

Santa Barbara Courthouse

santa barbara courthouse blue hour

Santa Barbara County Courthouse during Christmas blue hour

Last week I posted a photo from the clock tower of the Santa Barbara County Courthouse. Today’s photo is of the courthouse and the clock tower that prior picture came from.

The first night we pulled into Santa Barbara we were all rather stunned driving past this building which looked spectacular at night. During the day it still looked pretty cool, but at night is when it really dazzles. Every night I meant to walk down the street (we were staying near Santa Barbara High School) to get this shot, but it wasn’t until our final night–Christmas evening–that I actually made it happen.

Finals week begins at SOU …

SOU snow southern oregon university ashland oregon winter

SOU in the snow

… or at least final exams are supposed to begin this morning at 10:30 a.m. Because half a foot of snow was dumped on campus on Friday evening, and temperatures have been between 3 and 25 degrees since, I’m not sure if everyone can make it to campus. Southern Oregon University has postponed today’s 8:00 a.m. finals, but the rest are still on.

Autumn morning on the SOU campus

sou campus fall morning hannon library

Southern Oregon University campus on a fall morning

The Hannon Library is the building to the right.

New SOU dorms are pretty much done

SOU North Campus Village new dorms athletes athletics

Southern Oregon University – North Campus Village (photo taken just a few weeks before the first students move in to the new dorms)

The SOU campus features several new buildings for students this fall. For the past year they have been building the new North Campus Village dormitories. They are now, more or less, complete, and students will be moving in soon for the new school year which begins later this month.

Historic Ashland Armory

AIFF-2013 historic Ashland Armory1

Historic Ashland Armory

#AIFF13 Crowds were lining up to see “SPARK: A Burning Man Story” at the 2013 Ashland Independent Film Festival on the night I took today’s photo.

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