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View from the grave

mt. view cemetery ashland

Mountain View Cemetery in autumn

If you were buried in Mountain View Cemetery, and you could look out the side of your coffin, this is the last glimpse you would take in as you were lowered into the ground during the first couple weeks of November. Or perhaps this would be the first thing you saw after becoming a zombie. Do zombies rise in the middle of a beautiful, fall day like today when I took this photo? Probably not.

Autumn Ashland Cemetery Sunrise

Sunrise with fall colors at Ashland Cemetery

Sunday morning I went to a few locations in the morning to take some photos while the sun was still low in the sky. The Ashland Cemetery is such a lovely place, especially this time of year.

Same tree, different season

I probably should have waited another week or two to take this one as the leaves are just beginning to appear. In a few weeks this tree will be really green. Oh well. Here is what it looked like last fall.

Even the cemeteries are screaming new life at this time of year.

Ashland Oregon Cemetery

Fall is gone but not forgotten. Today’s photo features a look back to Ashland Cemetery in October.

Mt. View Cemetery

A cemetery is a great place for pictures in late October.

Turning branches tree

What would be a fitting place for a crazy looking tree like this where every branch takes a wild turn? The Ashland Cemetery of course.

Ashland Cemetery

I am a big fan of cemeteries. I find them extremely beautiful. Ashland has one of the older ones in the west with graves dating back to 1860 and many of the gravestones coming before 1900. There is no better time of year to check out a graveyard than autumn.

“Famous” people in this graveyard include the Wagners, J. C. Tolman, Lindsay Applegate, and Abel Helman. You probably haven’t heard of any of them unless you are from Southern Oregon though. Much in the area is named after the above people.

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