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Southern Oregon Softball = CCC Team of the Week

10-photo photomerge sou softball Southern Oregon Softball Named CCC Team of the Week

10-photo photomerge of SOU softball on University Field

@SOURaiders @SOU_Softball

Details here.

Road to the valley below

dead indian memorial road ashland clouds wagner butte snow

Dead Indian Memorial Road to Ashland with Wagner Butte in the distance

Ashland Sunrise

ashland sunrise

Ashland, Oregon

Today’s photo is my random, desktop image of the day. This is from a few years ago. We had an excellent sunrise a few mornings ago, but I was too lazy to go out on my roof to photograph it. The sunrise earlier this week looked similar to this one.

Warmer days


Lake of the Woods (Oregon)

Today’s random, desktop image comes from three and a half years ago.

Clouds blowing by Pilot Rock

Moving clouds

The wind was whipping through Ashland when I took this photo about 10 days ago from a friend’s house. Pilot Rock was playing peek-a-boo as the clouds quickly moved by. I had to wait a few seconds for Pilot Rock to be this visible.

Lake of the Woods

lake of the woods southern oregon ashland klamath wilderness

Lake of the Woods (June 2009)

Ashland from Ashland Springs Hotel

grizzly ashland springs hotel

Ashland, Oregon and Grizzly Peak looking from the 9th floor of the Ashland Springs Hotel


Sydney White throws a 9-inning shutout

photomerge sou softball

Sydney White strikes out a batter during her 135-pitch shutout

@SOURaiders @SOU_Softball

Yesterday SOU beat first place OIT twice for the first time in five years. Details here.

Today’s photo is a composite of two photos. If you look closely you’ll see that the right side-infielders are cheering. That’s because by the time I got to them the batter had already swung and missed.

Snow kissed panorama

7-photo photomerge roof grizzly ashland panorama snow

7-photo photomerge panorama of Ashland, Oregon

Before heading down the hill to work last Monday morning I climbed out a window and up to the top of my roof to capture this image.

For the details, click on the image a time or two.


sou women's soccer under stormy sky

@SOURaiders @SOUWomensSoccer

Throwing it back today to last September, when SOU’s women’s soccer team blew out Simpson under a lovely sky.

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