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Happy birthday, Nolan Castles!

Nolan Castles of Warhead

Bloodmoon Warning and Warrant coming to Boatnik


I’ve never been to Boatnik, and I can’t go this year, but maybe you can. Details here.

Once upon a time…

endon club 66

Endon @ Club 66 (February 23, 2016)


…these kinds of things actually happened in Ashland. Two years ago today this event took place.

The Desolate @ Club 66

The Desolate Club 66

The Desolate @ Club 66 (March 2016)


I looked at a folder of images today, from nearly two years ago, that I hadn’t seen previously. This is The Desolate who opened for Hemorage at Club 66 before the doors closed for good. If anyone knows who the band was who opened for The Desolate (featuring a guitarist/vocalist with a red, Jackson Flying V) let me know the name.

3 years ago today…

Cleopatra Degher @ Club 66

Endon @ Club 66

endon club 66


This post is only a year and eight months late. That was the last time I saw Endon. Tonight I will see them again (in Eugene) with Boris and SUMAC.

Two years ago today…

sera timms ides of gemini club 66

Sera Timms of Ides of Gemini @ Club 66

@IdesofgeminI @nanotear @OfficialNeurot

Strangeweather PDX @ Club 66

Sarah Ann Lachner strange weather club 66

Sarah Ann Lachner of Strangeweather @ Club 66 in May 2015


No more Club 66

club 66 early man opener

name this bassist

Club 66 closed its doors while I was gone this summer. No word yet on what will take its place.

Today’s photo is from May of 2014 @ Club 66. It’s of one of the many bands I’ve taken photos of but never processed. Now I don’t even know who this is. Can anyone help?

They opened for Early Man and had a female singer with two-toned hair. Maybe they were from the UK?

Two years ago…

damon kelly


…this happened.

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