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2015 Red Zone Golf Tournament

155_7848 RAW SOU raider red zone golf shootout


SOU raider red zone golf shootout robert holland rob

155_7849 RAW SOU raider red zone golf shootout

SOU raider red zone golf shootout mid president roy saigo

155_7851 RAW SOU raider red zone golf shootout

155_7852 RAW SOU raider red zone golf shootout

Click the image before saving/printing the higher resolution image. If you see only six photos, click here for many more from the tourney.

2015 Raider Red Zone Golf Shootout

SOU raider red zone golf shootout mike beagle

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football

Today was the annual SOU Football Alumni Club event at Eagle Point Golf Course. I’ll post dozens of additional photos here later. You will want a fast internet connection and large screen to view these. If you want to print any, be sure to click on the image and then save the higher resolution photo for printing.

SOU raider red zone golf shootout

155_7775 RAW SOU raider red zone golf shootout

15A_7679 RAW SOU raider red zone golf shootout

15A_7682 RAW SOU raider red zone golf shootout max proudfit

155_7689 RAW SOU raider red zone golf shootout

155_7691 RAW SOU raider red zone golf shootout

155_7706 RAW SOU raider red zone golf shootout

Signing day party

coach howard

Coach Craig Howard – 2014 NAIA Coach of the Year

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football

Tomorrow (2/4/15) is the annual SOU football signing day party. Details here.

Ten more of the champs

2014 sou football team daytona international speedway finish line

2014 SOU football team @ Daytona International Speedway finish line

@SOU_Football @SOURaiders @Coachfozz

sou football daytona coach howard national anthem

2014 Rawlings NAIA Coach of the Year – Coach Howard

sou football daytona team locker room

sou football daytona aldrick rosas

Aldrick Rosas had eight kickoffs that went for touchbacks in addition to being a perfect 7-7 in PATS and 2-2 in field goals including a 48 yarder

sou football daytona drew gibson melvin mason bubba rylance

Walking on sunshine after another Melvin Mason touchdown

sou football daytona alex stork heston altenbach

Alex Stork and Heston Altenbach

sou football daytona jj latu

JJ Latu

SOU football daytona austin dodge

Austin Dodge celebrates his final collegiate game

SOU football daytona scoreboard trophy

2014 NAIA Championship Game scoreboard and trophy

SOU football daytona Ken Fasnacht bus after victory

Coach Ken Fasnacht enjoys bus ride after the victory

“What size ring do you wear?”

coach craig howard phone stan smith mr raider

Coach Craig Howard on phone with Stan Smith “Mr. Raider” just prior to taking the field in Daytona

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football

Coach Howard had a quick conversation with Stan Smith a few minutes before the game began in which the Raiders won the NAIA National Championship. I’m not sure if Stan answered Coach Howard’s question and gave him his ring size then, but he better tell him now.

P.S. I still have many more photos from the game that I will be posting here. They are now spilling over onto additional pages. To see all of the photos I have posted so far click here, here, and here. For photos from Florida not necessarily directly tied to the game (but sometimes containing SOU football players) click here and here.

Coach Howard makes good on his promise

14D_0641 RAW SOU football post-game in hilton daytona

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @SloppyJoesDB @DaytonaHilton

After the bus ride back to the hotel, the post-game recap took place in the Hilton rather than the normal location of on the field.

SOU football post-game in hilton daytona coach howard max proudfit

Max Proudfit and Coach Howard

SOU football post-game in hilton daytona coach howard

SOU football post-game in hilton daytona sean mcshane tow torgerson grant

SOU football post game in Hilton Daytona with Sean McShane, Sean Tow, and Grant Torgerson

14D_0603 RAW SOU football post-game in hilton daytona gannon schroder

Before the game, Coach Howard came out to the tailgate to give the fans a speech. ESPNU later aired his words in the first half of the game. Part of what he said included, “Let’s all jump in that ocean together after this game.” He kept his promise.

sou football post-victory ocean dip daytona

Coach Howard coming out of the Atlantic Ocean after claiming the 2014 NAIA Championship

Coach Howard coming out of the Atlantic Ocean after claiming the 2014 NAIA Championship

Sloppy Joe's Daytona Beach

Coach Howard shakes hands with Athletic Director Matt Sayre as President Roy Saigo looks on with friends, fans, and family – Sloppy Joe’s Daytona Beach

125+ more photos from the 2014 NAIA Championship can be found here.

Ready for 10 more pics?

offensive line

offensive line

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @racetodaytona #NAIAfootball

SOU football daytona austin dodge max proudfit tylor king

2014 NAIA Player of the Year Austin Dodge

sou football daytona defensive line

defensive line

SOU football daytona Kelii Padello

Kelii Padello

sou football daytona running backs greg stewart

Coach Greg Stewart and the running backs

SOU football daytona Alex Stork Mylz Blake Tyler Rogers

Alex Stork, Mylz Blake, and Tyler Rogers

sou football daytona defensive backs nathan chin

Coach Nathan Chin and the defensive backs

 sou football daytona bubba rylance coach howard

Senior Bubba Rylance and Coach Howard

sou football outside linebackers daytona

outside linebackers

More championship photos (and videos)

SOU football daytona pregame

pregame speech by Coach Howard to the future national champions

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football

 austin dodge Kamerun Smith Jack Singler Jim Nagel sou football banner daytona


SOU football daytona dylan young final td catch

Dylan Young’s final TD catch – he holds the SOU record with 33 in just two years

Matt Retzlaff has 21 TD catches and will be a junior next year

Matt Retzlaff has 21 TD catches and will be a junior next year

2014 sou football championship football team

apologies that everyone isn’t in this–things were chaos and getting this many in wasn’t easy

SOU football daytona julius rucker

Julius Rucker Jr.

sou football daytona receivers


SOU football daytona trophy

SOU football daytona Michael Bryant

Michael Bryant

Michael is an Emerging Media and Digital Arts student who is also on the football team. He has helped make some incredible videos. Here is the one shown before the game in Chicago:

Here is the one shown before the game in Daytona:

He will be graduating soon so if your company needs someone who can create masterpieces like these, contact him.

sou football daytona winning bus offense

This last photo was explained in this post. My favorite part of it is the smile on Jim Nagel’s face. Coach Nagel has won many state and national championships so I’d be curious to hear from him how this bus ride compared to others he has experienced after winning the big game.

Bus of champions (and more)

bus drivers of champions cj and ean

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football

Today’s first photo requires a bit of explanation. These were the players’ bus drivers for the entire week. I took this at Tuesday’s practice as our bus drivers watched from the sidelines. That’s CJ on the left and Ean on the right. I asked them how it felt to be the bus drivers of the future NAIA Champions, and they smiled and said I should probably get a photo of them. All week long I asked them how the bus drivers of champions were doing. Perhaps this planted a seed in Ean’s head? More on this possibility below.

SOU football coaching staff national champion banner 2014 naia

The coaching staff at SOU is second to none. Although Coach Howard is not eligible for the NAIA Coach of Character Award, as he hasn’t been at SOU for five years yet, if NAIA officials could have witnessed everything he has done they would certainly make an exception.

I had the unique opportunity of standing on the opposing sidelines for seven of our games this year. I do this so that the SOU sidelines and crowds are in the background of most of my photos. Anyway, I can tell you from first-hand experience that the interactions between our players and coaching staff are very different than they are on other teams. The love, honor, and respect the SOU team has is incredible and a major contributing factor to the team’s success in my opinion.

Coach Howard gets the fact that coaching is about developing better people, better student athletes, and not just about how many TDs someone has. Of course, the former leads to the latter as demonstrated by this team.

sou football daytona drew gibson laurence calcagno

SOU football daytona cheer

SOU football daytona team in good light

SOU football daytona daniel breaux

Daniel Breaux with the sack

SOU football daytona dylan young

Dylan Young’s fourth catch of the evening would be his last as a Raider and the 159th during his two years in Ashland

SOU football daytona austin dodge gets on bus and take photo of trophy

Austin Dodge enters the bus after winning the championship and immediately takes photo of championship trophy sitting in Coach Howard’s seat

After the game everyone was in an absolute state of euphoria. We’ve all seen championship celebrations on TV. Sometimes you even get to experience them as a fan at the stadium. But to actually be there, with the players, takes things up several notches.

Back to my first point about our bus drivers…

I boarded Ean’s bus after the game. Spirits were high. As we pulled out of the stadium, without warning, Queen’s “We Will Rock You” pounded out of the stereo speakers, and the bus erupted into a celebration well beyond what I’ve witnessed before, anywhere.

I don’t know if Ean always does this, or if my constant reminders during the week that he was driving the future champions possibly sparked this idea in his head to make sure he had “We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions” at the ready, but either way, thank you Ean for making a special moment that much more memorable for these guys.

P.S. He also hooked up Austin Dodge’s iPod to the bus’s stereo to play “Sweet Caroline” after Queen.

SOU football daytona austin dodge singing we are the champions

Austin Dodge singing Queen’s “We Are The Champions” on the bus after the game

SOU football daytona coach howard and grandson and trophy and hand in the air

Coach Howard may not have sung as much as the players, but he still enjoyed the moment with his well-deserved trophy

10 more of the champions

SOU football daytona fans

SOU fans showing some muscle

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @racetodaytona #NAIAfootball

I have had lots of people asking for photos to print. I will be adding about 20 photos (from last Friday) a day to this blog. If you want to print any photos click on the photo first to get a higher resolution version, and then save the original for printing.

If you want to print any of the photos on Facebook, and they aren’t here yet, leave a comment letting me know which photo, and I will upload the original file within 24 hours. Do not print any photos off of Facebook. They will come out looking like crap, and I don’t want one of my photos hanging on your wall looking like crap.

SOU football daytona dylan young trophy coach howard drew gibson max proudfit austin dodge

Coach Howard talking to ESPN while Dylan Young, Drew Gibson, Max Proudfit, and Austin Dodge hold the championship trophy

Ryan Retzlaff after scoring a touchdown

SOU football daytona florida sunset quarterbacks

Florida sunset behind the NAIA Championship game

SOU football daytona coach howard o-line Nathaniel Timoteo

SOU football daytona austin dodge melvin mason

beginning of another Melvin Mason touchdown

SOU football daytona alex stork crowd

Alex Stork recovers the fumble and the crowd goes wild

SOU football daytona max proudfit

Max Proudfit

SOU football daytona daniel breaux

All-American Daniel Breaux #47 🙂

SOU football daytona Jaylenn Hart gooden

Jaylenn Hart with his third interception of the night

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