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Cap and gown

pink flamingo lawn ornaments cap and gown commencement graduation

My final exams have been given, many of the seniors are done, and this Saturday they will be walking at Raider Stadium. Meanwhile, my neighbor’s flamingos have been sporting their graduation attire for more than a week.

Mark Helfrich to speak at 2015 SOU Commencement

Mark Helfrich

Mark Helfrich, University of Oregon Head Football Coach and Southern Oregon University alumnus

@CoachHelfrich @SOU_Football @SOURaiders @Univ_Of_Oregon

The rumors from the past few months have been confirmed. The former SOU quarterback and current coach of the Ducks will be speaking at Raider Stadium on the morning of June 13.

Gold Raiders

gold raiders 2014 sou commencement

Gold Raiders 2014 @ SOU Commencement

Southern Oregon University began a new tradition at graduation last weekend. Alumni from the class that graduated 50 years before are invited to come back and walk again. So this year the Class of 1964 could be seen wearing gold and leading the Class of 2014 down the aisle of faculty in Raider Stadium.

2014 Southern Oregon University Commencement

sou commencement 2014 2013

SOU Graduation Ceremony

#SOUashland #SOU2014 #graduation @SOUAshland Today is the big day! I have taken so many photos of this event over the years that I think I will leave my camera at home today.

2014 Commencement @ SOU

criminology dave carter alison burke brian fedorik sou graduation commencement

Southern Oregon University professors

One week from today (6/14/14) will feature a scene similar to today’s photo (from last year’s graduation). Commencement will take place at Raider Stadium.

Immediately after the ceremony, the field will be torn up and replaced with a new football field and track facility. Next year I’ll finally be able to shoot SOU track. Southern Oregon University hasn’t had a home track and field event in many years.

Grad cap decorations

sou graduation commencement

graduation cap decoration ideas – lots of bling

decoration ideas sou graduation commencement square academic hat

rattle the stars

sou graduation commencement grad cap stickers letters

SOU – I made it!

sou graduation commencement mischief managed brina bird

put your name on your grad cap

sou graduation commencement 2013 2014

bling around the edges of graduation cap

2013 sou 2014 graduation commencement

flower pot grad cap

sou graduation commencement cap four corner decoration ideas super hero

batman grad cap

sou graduation commencement

star trek sou graduation commencement

Star Trek graduation cap decoration – Beam Me Up!

sou graduation commencement southern oregon university recycle program

recycle grad cap

graduation outfit ideas

blingy flower hat and homemade name badge for graduation

glbt rainbow decorations graduation ceremony lavender grad cap ideas

believe in the bling

sou graduation commencement

random experiences from college listed on grad cap

graduation cap headband head band idea

grad cap headband

cat grad hat cap graudation

the cat in the hat

writings on grad caps dad proud bs degree

my dad is proud of my bs

cowgirl cowboy grad cap four corner flat graduation hat

cowgirl hat under grad cap

future teacher grad cap idea decoration

future teacher 2013

leigh sou grad cap thanking parents

thanks mom & pops

grad cap decoration ideas graduation teachers future career

finally – I teach, what’s your superpower?

More graduation cap decoration ideas can be found here.

2013 Commencement @ Southern Oregon University

joan mcbee casey swanson sou graduation commencement

Joan McBee and Casey Swanson

raider stadium sou graduation commencement

Raider Stadium @ SOU’s Graduation Ceremony

charlotte sou graduation commencement

sou graduation commencement

2014 sou graduation commencement 2013

sou graduation commencement

Southern Oregon University’s Commencement 2013

The most popular post on this blog for the past year has been my entry featuring graduation cap ideas from last year’s commencement (with over 1,500 single page hits and that doesn’t count views from the main page or any tag-type pages). So on Monday, while I’m laying over in LAX between home and Japan, I will add an entry featuring many grad cap decorations from this year’s graduation ceremony. Stay tuned…

Graduation cap decoration ideas

yawning graduate cap hat

Over the past month the most popular search term that landed people here was “graduation cap decoration ideas” because of this post I made of SOU’s 2011 Commencement. So, while a graduation ceremony can be boring at times (see above picture), I entertained myself this year by taking photos of decorated graduation caps. Enjoy.

graduation hat decoration ideas

graduation hat decoration idea for art student

grad cap decoration

simple, yet elegant, grad cap decoration

grad cap decorations

music major or biology major?

flower graduation cap decoration idea

simple flower graduation cap decoration idea

art softball southern oregon university grad hat decoration idea

Art major who also played softball graduation cap decoration

graduation cap decoration ideas

Graduation not the end? Tell them where you are headed next on your grad cap.

decorate your grad cap hat ideas examples samples

pbr pabst blue ribbon graduation cap decoration

Show the world that you did more in college than study. Won't mom and dad be proud?

grad cap name

graduation cap decoration ideas

graduation cap decoration

graduation cap decoration ideas grad hat

SOU graduation 2012 pictures

Josi McDermott southern oregon university commencement 2012

Southern oregon university alumni association

Emile Amarotico

When Emile Amarotico was introduced as the representative of SOU’s Alumni Association welcoming new grads as freshly minted alumni, it was mentioned that when he and his wife walked at commencement a couple decades before, they did so with their baby girl. On this day, their daughter was graduating from SOU so it was an extra special day for the family.

southern oregon university graduate Alexandra Amarotico

Alexandra Amarotico

joan mcbee katie pittman school of business sou

More faculty from SOU's School of Business

Happy Father’s Day!

messages on grad caps hats graduation

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