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East Main during the Coronavirus

ashland downtown covid-19

Ashland’s East Main Street during COVID-19

Continuing the Ashland during Covid-19 series, today’s photo features a part of downtown where one frequently needs to do a few laps around the block to find a place to park. Not during the spring of 2020 where you can park wherever you want, whenever you want.

So many things to do in Ashland these days…

Announcement board on the Ashland Plaza during Covid-19 lockdown

Ashland during COVID-19

Ashland Shopping Center covid-19 dutch bros flat top sauce senor sams key lock bear creek safe

Ashland Shopping Center (April 2020)

I have never driven through the Ashland Shopping Center parking lot at 4 a.m., but I imagine it looks something like this only darker. On a Wednesday, at 4 p.m., this parking lot is usually 70-90% full. Not on the day I took this photo, however, which was a Wednesday at 4 p.m. Even on national holidays this parking lot has more activity as Ashland Street Cinema normally runs 365 days a year.

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