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A Seat With A View

West Rim Drive in winter

photomerge crater lake snowshoeing on west rim drive

Snowshoeing on Crater Lake’s West Rim Drive

Although Crater Lake’s snow pack is less than 30% of normal for this time of year, it is one of the few places in Southern Oregon with any snow. After bailing on our attempt to snowshoe near the Upper Rogue River due to lack of snow, we did enjoy a walk from the Rim Village to Discovery Point in 60 degree temperatures. Snowshoes weren’t absolutely necessary, but they were useful at times.

Crater Lake

crater lake

Crater Lake, Oregon


Today’s photo is from this past October. It was not a great day for photography as the sun never made an appearance. The rain began to fall shortly before I took this picture, and it only increased in intensity as the day continued.

Snow around Crater Lake

crater lake winter snow spring

I haven’t been to Crater Lake yet this year, but it probably looks something like this and will for the next three or four months.

Crater Lake in May

Photos can’t capture the magnificence of Crater Lake. How can such an unnatural looking blue be so natural?

Wrapping up Crater Lake week

oregon southern merriam point

Here is one last image of Crater Lake for a while. I think I took this at or near Merriam Point on the west side of the Rim Drive.

Rim Drive

biking crater lake national park rim road

Rim Drive around Crater Lake offers many majestic views. Although the road is paved, it isn’t an easy ride. There can be lots of cars (avoid weekends and holidays), and there isn’t a flat section to be found. As a rider you’ll do lots of climbing.

Today’s photo of Ryan is of one of those brief downhill moments.

Crater Lake from the east shore

southern oregon red cone

The skies were gray all day long, but they cleared a bit near the end of the day when I took this photo of Crater Lake from near Sentinel Rock. Unfortunately, my memory of this location is not a good one as our bikes had just been stolen. How can bikes you are riding get stolen you ask?

As mentioned before the day had its low points. The ride was about twice as long as anticipated and after 20 miles my legs began to cramp. A few miles later we hitched a ride and hid our bikes off the road with the intention of getting a ride to our car, driving our car back, and picking up the bikes. All went as planned until we got back and found the bikes missing. A dishonest someone must have seen us hiding the bikes. 🙁

The only silver lining is that my bike was in need of an overhaul anyway, and Ryan is getting too tall for his.

Golden-mantled Ground Squirrels of Crater Lake

chipmunk rodent southern oregon

These little chipmunk-looking squirrels are all over the place at Crater Lake. They will gladly eat right out of your hand should you want to share your lunch.

Cleetwood Cove

rim drive bike biking ride

The Cleetwood Cove section of Crater Lake was much bluer than the rest. I have no idea why. I was surprised the lake was so blue on a day with mostly gray clouds. Count on a temperature much cooler than you may expect at Crater Lake. We were in the 60s most of the day even though I was expecting 70s. If you are biking it around the lake, 60s are fine for uphill portions (of which there are many on Rim Drive), but things got a little cold on the downhill stretches, even with two shirts.

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