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Golden-mantled Ground Squirrels of Crater Lake

chipmunk rodent southern oregon

These little chipmunk-looking squirrels are all over the place at Crater Lake. They will gladly eat right out of your hand should you want to share your lunch.

Cleetwood Cove

rim drive bike biking ride

The Cleetwood Cove section of Crater Lake was much bluer than the rest. I have no idea why. I was surprised the lake was so blue on a day with mostly gray clouds. Count on a temperature much cooler than you may expect at Crater Lake. We were in the 60s most of the day even though I was expecting 70s. If you are biking it around the lake, 60s are fine for uphill portions (of which there are many on Rim Drive), but things got a little cold on the downhill stretches, even with two shirts.

Crater Lake week

bike rim

Ryan and I went for a bike ride around Crater Lake this past Saturday. It was a day filled with many highs and many lows. I’ll share some of those, and some photos, over the coming week.

The first “low” was that the road is much longer than I anticipated. A friend told me it takes 2.5 hours on a bike, but we did not find that to be the case. Crater Lake is about 5 miles across. Using the old equation of πr2 (pie r squared) yields a circumference much smaller than the road that goes around the crater, which we found out after the fact is 36 miles in length. You are not actually on the rim of the crater for very long or in many places on the “Rim Road.” Usually you are on the outside of the rim, with just occasional glimpses of the beauty of the lake.

Crater Lake in May

crater-lake crater lake oregon may 2009 snow

For some, unknown reason our guide never took us to the lake. I think most of the kids didn’t even see Crater Lake on this Crater Lake field trip. I wasn’t going to miss it though. When you have traveled to one of the Top 10 Natural Wonders of the World you may as well look at it.

Crater Lake was in fine form on this day.

Klamath Basin from Crater Lake

klamath_basin_from_crater_lake klamath basin from crater lake oregon

For some unknown reason our showshoe guide took us away from Crater Lake. Sure the views were still fantastic, like the one above of the Klamath Basin, but I hadn’t seen Crater Lake in nearly ten years. I had never seen it with snow or with the wicked, cool blue and cloudy sky that was now appearing.

I was dying inside, wanting to break from my field trip group to see the lake. But I performed my fatherly and chaperone duties and stuck with the group. I hoped the weather wouldn’t change before getting to the lake. Stay tuned to see if it did…

Snowshoeing at Crater Lake

crater lake oregon snowshoe

After arriving at Crater Lake it appeared my luck had not changed. Once again, I could not see the lake. I was there for a snowshoeing experience with my daughter’s class as a field trip. As we began snowshoeing the thick clouds started to break up.

Apparently the snow isn’t all gone from this area until July. The above photo was taken on May 19, 2009, and there was close to 10 feet of snow under foot. The temperature in Ashland the day before hit 90.

Crater Lake Lodge in Winter

The people inside were hoping for a spectacular view. Instead they got shutters on this day.

Crater Lake in the Winter

Even though I have lived in Southern Oregon for almost nine years now I have only seen Crater Lake once, and that was before moving here! The last time I went to Crater Lake it was the middle of the night to pick up my family camping in a snow storm. Needless to say, I didn’t see it then.

After snowmobiling nearby we decided to take a look at Crater Lake in the winter. Unfortunately, as we drew closer it began to snow. By the time we got there the wind was blowing really strong and visibility was next to nothing. The above photo would be quite the scenic one on many other days as Crater Lake would be in the background. As it was, it was all we could do to keep from getting blown off the snow cliff into the lake far below.

Union Creek Resort & Beckie’s Cafe

This past weekend we went snowmobiling. On the way there we stopped at the Union Creek Resort to use the bathroom. The new owners were extremely nice. My wife ran in and told them she would purchase something if she could just use the bathroom first. They showed her to the bathroom and told her she didn’t need to buy anything. They told me I could play pool while I waited. Their lodgings looked like a lot of fun so we will have to make a night of it at some point in the future. They also rent snowmobiles.

Beckie’s Cafe is across the street. We have enjoyed many a fine pie at Beckie’s over the years.

Crater Lake

My 10-year old daughter is in an after school photography class. For the next few days I’ll showcase some of her work. She took the above picture yesterday on her class field trip to Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the U.S.A. and ninth deepest in the world. Crater Lake is the third deepest lake in the world and deepest in the Western Hemisphere if the average depth is used as the measuring criteria.

I was hoping that there would be snow along the rim, but, as you can see, it hasn’t stuck yet. Later in the day it started snowing rather heavily, and they made their exit while they still could.

Crater Lake is northeast of Ashland in Southern Oregon. The island you see in the middle is known as Wizard Island.

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