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Couple more pics of the Deftones


The Deftones are a bit of a mixed bag in my eyes. I really love songs like “Digital Bath” and “Minerva.” When they mix in rap I lose interest. Unfortunately, the two songs I took videos of were not my favorites. I had a new SD card all queued up and ready to go for an encore I was hoping would included “Minerva.” They didn’t play it though and didn’t even really do an encore (although some band members briefly left the stage a couple songs before the end). So while it was a good show, I was a bit disappointed in the end.


Deftones, part 3


This was actually the second time I have seen the Deftones in concert. Well, sort of.

The first time was at Ozzfest in 1999. I caught maybe one or two songs during the Deftones’ set. There were too many interesting things going on at Ozzfest to get caught up in the music until Slayer and Black Sabbath came on. I don’t remember exactly what I was doing during the Deftones, but I could have been watching Ozzy Karaoke, topless swings, or naked bull riding. The whole day is a blur now. I do remember seeing Slipknot, before anyone had heard of them. I’m pretty sure I completely missed Primus, System of a Down, Fear Factory, and Static-X. Too bad since now I like all four. And I clearly remember seeing Rob Zombie, a horrible show–almost as bad as when he played at Loud Park last year.

Deftones (part 2 of ?)

deftones live concert photos

Before the Deftones began their set I went up to the Medford Armory’s “beer garden” on the second floor. There was a grand total of one beer to choose from, Coors Light. I decided to hang out upstairs for the first couple songs. I took a video from there of the second song they played, “Rocket Skates” off their new CD “Diamond Eyes” which you can view below.

Notice how much sweat Chino Moreno is covered with at this point in the show compared to yesterday’s photo later in the evening.

Deftones at the Medford Armory

video chino moreno def tones

Normally I post concert pics and video on my other blog, but I think I will post local shows here from now on. Actually, I posted Floater here as well.

Few bands come through Southern Oregon, given the small population, but last night the Deftones made their first appearance. The crowd at the Medford Armory was not as large as it was for Black Label Society or Static-X, but they are about the only two bands who never miss the area so it makes sense that they have built up a strong fan base here.

More photos and HD video will be coming soon. For now, I’ll leave you with a video I took of the song “My Own Summer.” Even though cameras were “not allowed” you can see that the rules were not enforced. The two large guys that walk in front of the video (from left to right at 3:16) near the end are actually security guards.