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Ashland’s Festival of Light 2013

Coming this Friday…

Countdown to the Grand Illumination

mrs. claus santa rudolph balcony of alex's restaurant ashland oregon

Santa counts down with the town before flipping the switch to light one million lights from the balcony at Alex’s Restaurant.

Ashland’s 2012 Festival of Light Celebration Parade

dancing girls santa outfits

I’m going to miss the Festival of Light tonight in Ashland as we are in San Francisco this weekend. Entertainment in downtown Ashland begins at 1 p.m. today. Santa’s Parade begins at the library at 5 p.m. Santa is going to turn on the lights from the balcony at Alex’s between 5:45 and 6 p.m. I’ll show you a photo from last year of that part of the festivities tomorrow.

Today’s photo is also from last year’s Festival of Light Parade.

Ashland Springs Hotel just prior to the “Festival of Light”

ashland springs hotel christmas time

The Ashland Springs Hotel before the beginning of the Festival of Light

Part of the “Festival of Light” is the lighting up of downtown Ashland. Before the parade there are some lights, but many do not come on until Santa says so from the balcony of Alex’s. The Ashland Springs Hotel saves most of their lights for that occasion. I guess I need to go back and take a photo now that the lights on the hotel are completely on every night (until early January).

Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus…

Santa Claus heads down Main Street during the annual Ashland Festival of Light Parade

Last night was Ashland’s 2011 Festival of Light Parade. More photos from the evening will be showing up here soon.

Merry Christmas

Photo from the Ashland Daily Tidings. I’m out of town!

Ashland Christmas Party

Santa has finished turning on the lights after the Festival of Light parade. Now the carolers crank out the tunes.

Venus, Jupiter, and Starbucks

I took this picture of Starbucks before the Festival of Light parade on the last Friday in November. Above Starbucks you can see two bright lights. Those celestial bodies are Venus and Jupiter. A week later they made a very unique smiley face in the sky with the moon helping out.

Santa Claus is coming to town

Festival of Light

The third of Ashland’s “Big Three” parades is the Festival of Light, held every year on the day after Thanksgiving. The other two are the 4th of July and Halloween parades. This one is the least popular, probably because it is the coldest. But there are still thousands of people in attendance.

After the parade Santa lights up the town (the “Grand Illumination”) from the balcony at Alex’s restaurant. Carols are sung and little kids get their picture taken with Santa at the Black Swan. Over a million lights go on.

The picture, above, is before most of the lights went on since it was taken before the parade. You can see the Varsity Theatre (home of the Ashland Film Festival), and the Ashland Springs Hotel.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Larks which is between the hotel and the theatre. It was the best Thanksgiving dinner I’ve ever had.

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