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Ashland sunshine and sakura

sakura cherry blossoms sun star blue sky

blossoms and a sun star

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The pink flowers in my front yard are several days gone now. These white ones in the backyard seem to have a longer life span, although many have fallen this week. I took this photo a week ago. As Ashland’s cherry blossom season ends, Japan’s is just beginning.

I rather like the sun stars my Nikkor 20mm f/1.8g AF-S lens produces at f/16.

Pink snow

pink snow cherry plum tree blossoms

The blossoms are all gone now, but last week (during a shower) they looked like they do in today’s photo.

Ten years ago this tree looked like this.

Now the little girl that was under that tree in 2005 drives the blossom-covered car pictured under this same tree.

Mt. Ashland wildflowers

mount ashland wildflowers oregon siskiyou mountain range

Keeping it all in focus

photomerge stack layers mount mcloughlin wildflowers lower table rock

Focus stacked Mount McLoughlin and wildflowers from Lower Table Rock

I tried another focus stack from a couple of photos I took this past weekend on Lower Table Rock. The results are better than my first attempt on Upper Table Rock earlier this year.

2014 Ashland Tri Regatta on Emigrant Lake

2014 Ashland Tri Regatta emigrant lake wildflowers

Emigrant Lake wildflowers

2014 Ashland Tri Regatta roo

2014 Ashland Tri Regatta

Besides the Junior Crew of the Ashland Rowing Club, teams from Humboldt and South Eugene competed on a cold and sometimes wet morning this morning.

Happy Easter!

pink flamingos easter bunny ears 200-400mm

My neighbor’s flamingos are all ready for the day. Are you?

My first (not entirely successful) focus stack

This past weekend I was hiking on Upper Table Rock. The ground was covered with wildflowers and snow-covered Mt. McLoughlin looked splendid in the distance. So I took this photo of the wildflowers.

foreground focus

foreground focus

But I wanted a photo with Mount McLoughlin in focus so I took another one.

distant focus

distant focus

When I got home I was a bit disappointed in each photo.

My photography and Photoshop skills are completely self taught. I have never taken a class, had a tutor/mentor, or even read a book on either subject. I’ve learned merely by trial and error with my camera and trying different things in Photoshop.

So what I wanted to do was combine the above two photos. I did so by using Photomerge (under File/Automate) in Photoshop and unchecking the “Blend Images Together” option. Hit F7 to see the layers if your layers box isn’t already open. Select both images, and use Auto-Blend Layers (under Edit) to stack the images. The result is below.

photomerge focus stack upper table rock mt mclaughlin

Photomerged focus stack

It’s not perfect, but now I have a new option at my fingertips in the future. Two things I need to do differently:
1) Take more than two photos. Notice how the finished result is out of focus in the middle. Had I taken three or four photos, each with a different focus point, the entire stacked photo could have been in focus.
2) Maintain the same, or nearly the same, composition (and camera settings–shutter speed, ISO, aperture). I recomposed the scene a bit after taking the first image which doesn’t make for the best stacking conditions later in post.

A more recent focus stack of a similar scene can now be found here.

Dogwood Blossoms on SOU campus

dogwood blossoms sou

Southern Oregon University Dogwood blossoms

Like all of the other flowering plants and trees this year, the dogwoods in front of Central Hall blossomed early. Today’s photo is from late April, and the dogwoods don’t normally look like this until May 10 or so. They are long gone now.

Early blossoming this year

sunrise spring Southern Oregon University

Sunrise in Spring at SOU

I’m not sure if it was a warm winter or a warm spring, but the blossoms hit their peak a week or two early this year. I took this earlier this week, but it doesn’t normally look like this until the first week of May.

Boys of summer…

spring softball girls cherry blossoms

Ashland Little League softball

…girls of spring?

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