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The new #9

sou football jason shelley

Jason Shelley

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The coaches were finally wise enough to realize that the Raiders 4-0 (with the 7th most difficult strength of schedule in the NAIA) was worth a bit more than Arizona Christian’s 4-0 (with the 82nd most difficult strength of schedule in the NAIA) in today’s rankings. The Raiders moved from #13 to #9 and will face the coaches’ #26 this Saturday.

Massey has Rocky Mountain at #13. Get your tickets early. You don’t want to be stuck in line when the Raiders are scoring early on (like some of the nearly 4,000 in attendance last Saturday).

Raiders @ #4 on Massey, should be (#9 or) #10 in coaches’ poll

sou football tanner trosin

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Massey was more impressed with Montana Tech’s trouncing of Eastern Oregon (by 48) than SOU’s win, even though SOU beat Massey’s spread of 16 (by 5) yesterday. Hence, Montana Tech moved into Massey’s #3 spot. Barring two upsets to the Raiders or Tech, the final game of the regular season, in which Southern Oregon will play at Montana Tech, is shaping up to be an absolute huge affair.

In tomorrow’s coaches’ poll SOU will likely move past St. Xavier, Southeastern, and Doane to come in at #10. There is a chance the Raiders can slip past Arizona Christian (who Massey has at #42) as well.

The 4-0 Raiders play at home again this coming Saturday. Massey has SOU as 11-point favorites against 3-2 Rocky.


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Let the games begin

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Players of the Week

gonzalo garcia sou soccer

Gonzalo Garcia

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Gonzalo was named the Cascade Conference Defensive Player of the Week for his role in the Raiders’ two wins last week. Tanner Trosin was again chosen as the Frontier Conference Offensive Player of the Week. More details here.

sou football tanner trosin

Tanner Trosin

Raiders up to #3 on Massey, should be #13 in coaches’ poll

sou football team hawaii

2017 SOU football team members from Hawaii

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Massey was impressed with Southern Oregon’s lopsided win on the road against a team (Montana Western) Massey had in its top ten. Massey bumped the Raiders up two spots to #3, ahead of Montana Tech and Morningside.

The coaches won’t be so generous. The only team in front of the #14 Raiders in the coaches’ poll to lose was Eastern Oregon so the Raiders will likely only move up one spot to #13 when the new coaches’ poll comes out Monday.

Massey has the Raiders as 16-point favorites at home Saturday against Carroll College. Last year was the first time SOU ever beat Carroll by 16 points or more.


sou football toyota tent keegan lawrence interception celebration

Keegan Lawrence interception celebration

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Details here.

How did I do?


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The new 2017 NAIA Football Coaches’ Top 25 Poll came out today. People mocked me for saying the coaches would have Eastern Oregon ahead of SOU in the poll even after SOU beat Eastern at a neutral location.

I said Montana Tech would end up #5 and they did. I said Eastern Oregon would be ranked somewhere between #11 and #15 (#11 was actually my best guess), and they came in at #11. I said SOU would be somewhere between #14 and #18 (with #17 being my best guess), and the Raiders came in at #14. I had Western Montana at #21, and the coaches have them at #28, quite a hit for a team that barely lost to a higher ranked team on the road, but the coaches are idiots when it comes to the rankings.

New NAIA football rankings

sou football armando gauger sam woods

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EOU beat Western Montana today. Not much changed with Massey Ratings as SOU stayed put at #5. Massey was more impressed with Morningside’s win than Montana Tech’s victory over lowly Montana Northern so Montana Tech slid to #4 according to Massey.

Just a point of clarification… Several people said last week after this post that Massey doesn’t mean anything. It is true that Massey doesn’t mean anything in terms of who goes to the postseason or who gets home games in the postseason, but Massey means much more than the coaches’ poll in terms of predicting who will win games as I’ve documented many times over the years.

So what rankings do count? The extremely biased and inaccurate coaches’ poll is the only one that counts in the NAIA’s eyes. The first one comes out tomorrow (Monday, September 11). Based on what the coaches normally do, I believe Montana Tech will end up #5, Eastern Oregon will be ranked somewhere between #11 and #15, SOU will be somewhere between #14 and #18, and Western Montana will drop to somewhere around #20 or #21.

The Raiders will travel to Western Montana for next Saturday’s game. Massey has Southern Oregon as a 3-point favorite.

Update: How did I do?

Aldrick Rosas set for pro debut

SOU football vs eastern Aldrick Rosas PAT chris kammel daniel breaux

Aldrick Rosas in 2013

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While Rosas has played in many preseason NFL games (for the Titans last year and the Giants this year), his first regular season game will be today vs. the Dallas Cowboys. Game time is 5:30 on the west coast.

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