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talented animals

Ashland is most famous for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. However, with so many actors in town, its small-town feel, and its picturesque backdrops, Ashland has also been featured in a number of movies (for instance Calvin Marshall and Coraline). David Fincher (famous director of movies like Fight Club, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Social Network, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to name just a few) went to Ashland High School. So I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised to wake up last week to a film being made right next door.

This view of the Talented Animals van was from my driveway. The normally empty street was packed with cars, vans, and filming equipment being loaded into my next-door-neighbor’s house. My neighbor happens to be a production manager in the film industry so, again, I wasn’t that surprised.

They are filming a movie called “Walk-In” which is based on the book Summer’s Path, written by Scott Blum–also from Ashland.

Ashland Springs Hotel Weddings

ashland spring hotel parade entry wedding

At last year’s 4th of July parade the Ashland Springs Hotel had a “Then and Now” wedding theme for their parade entry.

horse drawn carriage wedding

bride in convertable

Nice tricycle

crazy 4th of july bike

Red cars

parade red cars ashland july

About an hour before the parade started…

Winnebago in Lithia Park

winnebago ashland oregon lithia park california plates

A typical Ashland scene this time of year…

Notice the California plates. I guess I can’t complain without being a hypocrite given that I feel in love with Ashland on a tourist visit from California myself.

Hot Wheels Car

Cat Car

Ashland is somewhat famous for its “custom” cars. There are probably a half dozen in town with a certain theme. There is the fairy car, the Barbie car, the angel car, and a few others. For the 4th of July parade these kinds of cars come from all over the country to participate as a parade entry. Sometimes there will be almost 20. It’s a crowd favorite.

This cat car I spotted on my way home from work. The cherry blossom background made it a great photo opportunity.

Automobile from 1949 spotted in Lithia Park

Photo taken in August 2008

Ever heard of Lithia Motors? Probably not unless you live in the Western part of the USA where there are over 100 Lithia auto dealerships. The first one started right here. The CEO lives down the hill from me. The “Lithia” in Lithia Motors comes from guess where? That’s right, Lithia Park.

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