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Throwback Thursday

Danceworks Green Show


Today’s photo is from an OSF Green Show five and a half years ago. I don’t think I saw a single Green Show this year for the first time since moving to Ashland in 2000. I need to see more in 2020.

Green Show season begins

Ashland Danceworks @ OSF Green Show


OSF’s Green Show happens four nights a week, Wednesdays through Saturdays, at 6:45 p.m. beginning today through October. Full schedule is available here.

Tempest @ OSF Green Show

tempest osf green show

Tempest @ OSF Green Show (6/15/16)


Not my finest piece of concert photography, in fact it’s probably my worst in 5+ years, but that’s what happens when you only have your cell phone, aren’t near the stage, and the lighting isn’t good.

However, Tempest was lots of fun. They were perhaps the loudest Green Show I’ve ever been to. And they are playing again at the Green Show on Friday (6/17/16). I will be at Britt shooting Eric Burdon & The Animals though.

Ashland Danceworks @ OSF Green Show

Danceworks Green Show

Aisha Wand of Danceworks @ Oregon Shakespeare Festival Green Show (6/21/14)

146_9397 RAW Danceworks Green Show

146_9377 RAW Danceworks Green Show

Kali Sullivan Danceworks Green Show

146_9292 RAW Danceworks Green Show

Danceworks Green Show Kristin Fitzpatrick

146_9273 RAW Danceworks Green Show

Kaya Van Dyke Danceworks Green Show OSF ashland oregon

146_9271 RAW Danceworks Green Show

Siena Wand Danceworks Green Show

Kali Sullivan Danceworks Green Show

Mud Bay Jugglers

oregon shakespeare festival green show mud bay jugglers osf ashland oregon

The temperature in Ashland has dropped over the past week or two. It no longer feels like summer, and that means no more Green Show before the OSF plays at night. This past weekend featured the last Green Show acts of the 2012 season. Saturday night’s performers were a touring troupe known as the Mud Bay Jugglers. These three pictured here were backed by a four-piece band, and they put on a great show.

Hamfist @ Oregon Shakespeare Festival Green Show

hamfist ezra osf ashland oregon

bootsy hamfist osf ashland

oregon shakespeare festival green show ashland

ham fist

ashland oregon green show free music nightly

cletus ham fist oregon mandolin player


oregon shakespeare festival ashland

Mitsuki Dazai @ OSF Green Show

oregon shakespeare festival green show japan koto eugene ashland

I first saw Mitsuki Dazai perform at the free Oregon Shakespeare Festival Green Show two years ago. She came down from Eugene last year too, but I was out of the country so I missed it. A few nights back she performed again, and I was fortunate enough to attend this time.

oregon shakespeare festival free green show ashland

I’ll post another photo of Mitsuki Dazai on my Japan-related blog.

Hamfist (part 2 of 2)

James F Dean Jr hamfist

You’ll be able to catch Hamfist again at the Green Show on September 7.

jesse baldwin hamfist Stephany Smith-Pearson

oregon shakespeare festival hamfist

I really wish I had captured a video of their cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Are You Experienced?” No joke. They covered Hendrix in bluegrass style.

Hamfist (part 1 of 2)

hamfist oregon shakespeare festival green show ashland

Hamfist played a couple nights back at the Green Show. I’m not a huge bluegrass music fan myself, but live it is pretty fun stuff.

Sequoia Pearson hamfist

Sequoia Pearson

hamfist Joe Porto Slim James F Dean Jr

The band members all work (or worked) for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Many years ago I played on the OSF softball team. Ezra (EZ on the right of the above photo) was also on the team at the time.

On Ensemble (part 3 of 3)

Shoji Kameda on ensemble ashland green show oregon

I have a bunch more photos, but only three videos, so this will wrap up On Ensemble at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Green Show for now. The guys seemed to be having a really good time performing. Shoji Kameda, above, was laughing while playing at this point in the show.

This last video I took with my new 50mm lens. Hence, there is no zooming in and out. I don’t see any improvement in quality vs. my 18-200mm lens, but if the lighting wasn’t as good this lens may have been a better a choice. Actually, with the VR (vibration reduction) on the 18-200mm lens (since these were hand held videos) I think the 18-200mm VR provides a better image (in addition to the versatility) for video in good lighting.