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Happy Halloween


Mountain View Cemetery (Ashland, Oregon)

2 weeks to go


My neighbor’s lawn ornaments are ready. Are you?

From Hell

 from hell musichead george anderson

George Anderson’s “From Hell” @ Musichead (9/25/14)


Happy Halloween!

Dead flamingos

halloween flamingos pink black skeleton

skeleton flamingos for Halloween

Unlike last year’s ghost and witch dress ups, this year’s flamingos decided to dress down for the occasion.

Ashland Halloween Parade 2014

Ashland Halloween Parade parasol beauty skeleton corpse paint day of the dead

Ashland Halloween Parade

Today’s photo is from last year’s Halloween parade. It was sunny and warm for once. Not so this year. The forecast this afternoon is for rain and a high in the low 50s. I will have to take a rain check on this year’s parade anyway due to an appointment at the same time.

A priest and a rabbi walk into a bar…

ashland halloween skelaton witch skeleton

Ashland Halloween costumes

Scratch that… A skeleton witch, green-faced man with a red tie, a something, and a something else walk down Ashland’s East Main Street…

Ashland Halloween Parade 2013

oregon state beaver zombie costume Halloween

Oregon State Beaver Zombie

This year’s parade will be on Halloween beginning at 3:30. Last year I had a class to teach at that time so I missed it, but I will try to be there this year. Today’s photo is from the 2011 parade.

More Monster Dash photos

ashland oregon halloween costumes

I have seen real owls in Lithia Park, but this one was cuter.

ashland oregon monster dash m&m costume peanut plain fun run halloween

Plain and peanut M&Ms — father-daughter runners in the 2012 Ashland Monster Dash

halloween costume monster dash eric cartman

Somehow I think this Eric Cartman (South Park) costume was meant for someone a bit shorter and fatter.

paddy's pub ashland oregon monster dash sponsor

Paddy's was one of the sponsors of the 2012 Monster Dash (and a prior sponsor of my softball team). Thanks to all of the sponsors and participants, thousands of dollars were raised for Ashland's public schools.

Ashland’s spider house under a full moon

night photography nikon d7000 tokina 11-16mm f2.8 spider halloween house decorations siskiyou

I have shown you a photo of this house all decorated up for Halloween on the corner of Morton Street and Siskiyou Blvd before, but this is the first time after dark.

Happy Halloween!

children's halloween parade 2012 ashland oregon make up zombie

The annual Halloween Parade through town happens today beginning at 3:30 from the library to the plaza. Unfortunately, I’m in class until 5:30 so I will have to miss it this year.

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