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Thriller in the Ashland Halloween Parade

thriller michael jackson halloween ashland oregon

Ashland Dance Works performs Michael Jackson's "Thriller"

For a number of years now, Ashland Dance Works has been “doing” Thriller during the annual Ashland Halloween Parade. This year, instead of doing it down Main Street, like they usually do, they performed on Pioneer Street which is a hill of sorts. This made for easier viewing, assuming you were at the bottom.

ashland oregon thriller

Intuitive Compass – Zombie Gypsy Punk from Ashland

Intuitive Compass nora odea

Nora O'Dea on Resophonic Mandolin for Intuitive Compass

intuitive compass made up as zombies

Intuitive Compass playing some tunes after the Ashland Halloween Parade

Wyatt Yurth of Intuitive compass on zombie banjo

Wyatt Yurth's zombie on banjo for Intuitive Compass

I’m not normally a huge fan of bluegrass music (even though Intuitive Compass’s strand of bluegrass is more than a bit twisted), but after the Ashland Halloween Parade I enjoyed listening to Intuitive Compass, who set up in the middle of the normally busy street on the Ashland Plaza. Perhaps it was the beer, or the costumes, or Wyatt Yurth’s resemblance to Mikael Akerfeldt; all I know is I felt very good at the time.

intuitive compass Daniel Wyatt

Zombie Daniel Wyatt playing the stand-up bass for Intuitive Compass

More Halloween costumes

unusual unique halloween costumes

Guy in an outhouse costume

If you want tons of people looking and smiling at you on Halloween, try the ol’ tried-and-true “dude stuck in the outhouse” costume on for size.

sexy queen of hearts costume halloween female

Alice in Wonderland's Queen of Hearts costume (or is she the Mad Hatter?)

robot costume halloween ideas

Couple of SOU volleyball players dressed as robots

Caryn and Renee do the robot down Ashland’s Main Street.

Mitt Romney Halloween costume (and more)

halloween costume ideas

Mitt Romney costume

At the Ashland Halloween Parade this guy was dressed up like a Mormon missionary (sort of) with a “Hello, my name is Mitt” sticker on his white shirt. OK, so he didn’t look much like Romney and costumes poking fun at someone’s religion are probably in poor taste, but it did make a lot of people laugh.

ashland oregon halloween parade

Smoking ghouls (or are they zombies?) at the Ashland Halloween Parade

Here we find the other end of the costume spectrum from the squeaky clean Mormon missionary types in these smoking (although well-dressed) ghouls.

Quasimodo and esmeralda costumes

Quasimodo and Esmeralda costumes

Finally, for today anyway, we have the Hunchback of Notre Dame and (I think) Esmeralda.

Halloween costumes from the 2011 Ashland Halloween Parade

ashland halloween parade 2011

Sheriff costume

Nice colors in Ashland, Oregon on this autumn day for the parade

Halloween costumes at annual Ashland parade

2011 Ashland Halloween Parade

ashland oregon halloween parade pictures

Devil and Jester costumes in Ashland Halloween Parade

I took a few dozen decent photos of today’s annual, Halloween parade down Main Street. I’m not sure if I will post them all in the next week or two, but most of them should eventually make it here. Stay tuned.

Happy Halloween!

portland farmer's market

A little girl checks out the pumpkins at Portland, Oregon's Farmer's Market

I took today’s photo this past Saturday morning while we were visiting Portland.

Ashland house with Halloween decorations

halloween decorations home

Pumpkin in front of Ashland home on the corner of Pioneer and B Streetss

I had breakfast at Ruby’s a few days ago, followed by a walk through Ruby’s neighborhood.

This is one of my favorite houses in town. There are so many details on this house and the property that you can stare at it for hours and still discover new things. Maybe I’ll show you some different angles in future entries. I wanted to get today’s posted while we are still in the Halloween season.

Halloween house

glowing skeletons ashland oregon

Halloween house decorations featuring jack-o'-lanterns, cobwebs, skeletons, and more

My neighbor has been putting out jack-o’-lanterns again this year, but not at the rate of some prior years. I was wondering why there were baskets on top of these pumpkins until we put one out in front of our house the next day. Within minutes, deer were all over it. Maybe that’s why the numbers of jack-‘o-lanterns are down.

Christine O’Donnell and her witch friend at Ashland Halloween Parade

There were several celebrity guests at this year’s Ashland Halloween Parade. Although, Christine O’Donnell lost the election held two days later, she seems to have had time to visit us here in Oregon on Halloween.

That’s her on the left. How do I know? She turned around to reveal this:

ashland oregon  halloween parade

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