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Harold and Lillian @ AIFF 2017

AIFF2017_Day 4

@ashlandfilm #AIFF2017 @LoveStoryDoc @DanielRaim

My favorite film at the 2017 Ashland Independent Film Festival was “Harold and Lillian: a Hollywood Love Story”. The title didn’t make it seem like it would be my kind of thing, but the documentary is absolutely outstanding. You can see “Harold and Lillian” if you live in one of these places.

AIFF2017_Day 4

Filmmaker Daniel Raim was there to take questions after the viewing.

AIFF2017_Day 4

Here is the trailer:

More 2017 Ashland Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration photos

mlk alma rosa alvarez

Keynote speaker Alma Rosa Alvarez

@AshlandMLKDay #SOMLK

mlk lawson inada poet laureate

Oregon’s Poet Laureate Lawson Inada

mlk dl richardson

DL Richardson

mlk phoenix sigalove

Phoenix Sigalove

The Security Project @ Ashland Armory

The Security Project (5/22/16) peter gabriel cover tribute band Jerry Marotta Trey Gunn	Brian Cummins Michael Cozzi David Jameson

The Security Project (5/22/16)

@TheSecurProject @LiveAtTheArmory

Trey Gunn on a Warr Guitar

LEFT @ Ashland Armory

ashland armory LEFT

LEFT (5/22/16)


moe. @ Historic Ashland Armory

moe ashland armory

moe. @ Historic Ashland Armory (4/14/16)

@LiveAtTheArmory @moeperiod

moe ashland armory setlist

moe. setlist

“So Long” was actually replaced with a cover of Neil Young’s “Down By The River”.

moe ashland armory Al Schnier

Al Schnier

AIFF 2016 continues

aiff 2016 al case varsity ashland springs hotel

Ashland Springs Hotel and Varsity Theatre

@flula @ashlandfilm #AIFF2016 @AshlandSprings @CATMovies

Day two begins for the 15th Annual Ashland Independent Film Festival.

aiff 2016 al case honey buddies ashland armory flula borg

Flula Borg after the showing of Honey Buddies

aiff 2016 al case travel essentials

Travel Essentials (2016 Ashland Independent Film Festival sponsor) on the big screen in the Historic Ashland Armory

Moe. @ Ashland Armory in a week

Moe. sign on door of Historic Ashland Armory

Moe. sign on door of Historic Ashland Armory

@LiveAtTheArmory @moeperiod

A little over three years ago, Moe. played the Ashland Armory. Next Thursday night they will do it again.

AIFF 2016 tickets go on sale today

AIFF 2015 Al Case Ashland Armory blue hour

Ashland Armory

@FrameByFrameDoc @RedReelVideo @moscarpelli @ashlandfilm #AIFF2016 #AIFF15

The 15th annual Ashland Film Festival begins next week. Tickets to members have been on sale for a few days now. If you aren’t a member, today is the first day to pick up tickets. Details here.

Photos from prior years can be found here.

AIFF 2015 Al Case Varsity Frame by Frame MO SCARPELLI

Mo Ssarpelli answering questions at the 2015 Ashland Independent Film Festival about “Frame by Frame”

2015 Monster Ball Pasta Party

Monster Dash 2013 Pre Race Pasta Party East Main Band Ashland Armory

East Main Band @ Monster Dash 2013 Pre-Race Pasta Party @ Ashland Armory

Grab your dinner at the Ashland Armory tonight for a good cause. $10 for adults, $6 for kids. All proceeds go to help schools in Ashland. Show up anytime between 5 and 9.

Zepdrix @ Techtoberfest

techtoberfest zepdrix ashland armory Inger Jorgensen Jeff Pevar

Inger Jorgensen and Jeff Pevar

@LiveAtTheArmory @LOVEBITEMUSIC1 @jeffpevar @IngerJorgensen

techtoberfest zepdrix ashland armory Jacob Ackerman

Jacob Ackerman

techtoberfest zepdrix ashland armory paul turnipseed

Paul Turnipseed

techtoberfest zepdrix ashland armory Matthew Kriemelman

Matthew Kriemelman

techtoberfest zepdrix ashland armory

Zepdrix @ Ashland Armory (9/10/15)

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