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Raiders back to #5 on Massey, should be #8 with coaches

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5-0 Southern Oregon slid one spot on Massey to #5 after yesterday’s narrow victory over Rocky. Massey had the Raiders as 11-point favorites. Rocky moved up to #12 on Massey, but the biased coaches will keep them out of the top 25.

Marian lost, for the second time this year, so the coaches will drop them (even though they lost to the #1 team), and the Raiders will move up in tomorrow’s coaches’ poll to #8.

SOU has a bye this coming weekend and will travel to Eastern Oregon on October 14. Massey has the Raiders as 4-point favorites in that one.

Let the games begin

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SOU football game moved to Portland on Saturday

sou football southern oregon university football raiders

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Details here.

It’s 3-11

Fired Up

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Happy birthday, Isiah Carter!

sou football bronsen ader isiah carter

Bronsen Ader and Isiah Carter

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Nine Raiders named to All-Conference Team


Marcus Montano


#21 Keegan Lawrence


#11 Isiah Carter


Julius Rucker


#12 Devvon Gage


Christmas Aumua


Louis Desprez


#72 Tylor King


Matt Retzlaff

Frontier Conference Players of the Week


Louis Desprez

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Jason Shelley


Keegan Lawrence

Raiders #9 in new coaches’ poll


Armando Gauger, Julius Rucker, Isiah Carter, and Devvon Gage

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football #NAIAFootball

As predicted back on Saturday, the Raiders moved up three spots in the new NAIA Coaches’ Poll.

Looking at the eight teams ahead of the Raiders, here is some more fortune telling:
#1 Marian has only one challenging game on their schedule. They play at #3 Saint Francis a week from Saturday. If they win that game, they will almost certainly run the table.
#2 Morningside plays an NCAA DII school this Saturday. Morningside will probably lose, but they likely won’t drop more than a couple spots in the poll. After that, their only decent opponent is #5 Doane on Oct. 8.
#3 Saint Francis has an easy schedule other than Marian. It may take a huge upset by Davenport on November 5 in order for SOU to ever pass them in the coaches’ poll.
#4 Baker already got past their only competition (Grand View in week 1).
#5 Doane will likely lose at Morningside. Other than that, they may not lose despite not being in Massey’s top ten.
#6 Reinhardt has to get by Lindsey Wilson and Faulkner on the road. They will likely lose at least one of those games, if not both.
#7 Lindsey Wilson has Reinhardt in addition to games at Faulkner and Campbellsville. They should lose one, if not two, of those.
#8 Grand View got crushed by Baker, but they have an easy schedule other than that Baker game. If the Raiders and Grand View win out, it will be unfair for the coaches to give Grand View a higher ranking simply because SOU got beat by an NCAA DI team, especially considering the difficulty of SOU’s schedule vs. Grand View’s.
#9 SOU has six or seven more tough games (out of just eight) after starting the season against three strong teams.

In summary, even if the Raiders win out and finish 9-2, I think they will only end up at #5 or possibly #6. The system really isn’t fair if that happens. Punishing the prior year runner up for a narrow first game road loss and defeat at the hands of an NCAA DI team on the road in favor of teams with easy schedules and (probably eventually) only one loss makes no sense. The bad news for Southern Oregon is a #5 finish likely means only one home playoff game (again!). The good news is SOU will be better prepared, compared to teams with weaker schedules, for the playoffs (again!).

Shot put

sou track and field tylor king

Tylor King

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Normally there are more judges than spectators when it comes to shot put. Not so yesterday at the Raider Invitational. Tylor King is also on the football team, and a large contingent of football players and other SOU athletes came out to support him. Having dozens cheer him on, Tylor nearly hit 55 feet. Even the shortest of his six throws traveled much farther than any of his competitors. He has a good chance to place at Nationals next month in Alabama.

sou track and field crowd tylor king shot put

SOU Raider Invitational crowd watching Tylor King shot put

Massey predicts what???

sou football isiah carter

Isiah Carter puts a stop to likely 2015 NAIA Player of the Year Ryan Kasdorf

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Those following along have noticed that I’ve been a fan of Massey Ratings. I mean, the results speak for themselves. Massey is 6-0 in the last two rounds of the 2015 NAIA FCS. What about the coaches? The coaches are 2-4. Obviously, Massey does a better job with rankings than the coaches. Let’s hope the NAIA switches its playoff selection and playoff home field choosing to an objective ranking system at some point in the near future.

That said, I don’t know what Massey has been smoking in coming up with its prediction for the championship in Daytona on 12/19/15. Marian by 13.5? Sure, I expected Massey to pick Marian given that Massey has Marian at #1 and SOU barely beat Morningside, but 13.5 points??? I’m guessing that Massey is using the transitive property and computing that since Montana Tech beat SOU, St. Francis beat Montana Tech, and Marian beat St. Francis, then it follows that Marian will easily beat SOU. But one of several plays could have gone differently in the Montana Tech game resulting in an SOU win. In addition, without the turnovers in the Morningside game, the Raiders would have blown out the Mustangs. Massey also isn’t considering last year’s drubbing SOU gave Marian in Daytona. Maybe Massey has “revenge” as a factor in the rankings.

13.5 points though??? SOU has lost by 13.5 points or more exactly one time (more than 2 years ago!) in its last 49 games. One time! And that was to a #3 ranked, six-time national champion Carroll College team on the road.

In any event, if any Marian fans want to place a wager on the game and are willing to give me SOU and 13.5 points, please contact me at your earliest convenience. I predict Massey will go 6-1 for the final three rounds.

sou marian

P.S. Massey was, once again, correct. Marian won by 17, pretty close to Massey’s prediction.

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