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Wild Hunt returns to Southern Oregon

wild hunt johnny b's medford oregon

A little more than six months ago Wild Hunt played in Medford. I have listened to their CD, “Before The Plane Of Angles,” many times since then and have come to really love their sound. In ten days they will be playing at Club 66 in Ashland. Can’t wait!

wild hunt club 66 flyer ashland oregon oakland california reigns

More Stoneburner (PDX) pics

stoneburner pdx johnny b's damon kelly

Stoneburner will be playing Club 66 in Ashland on May 30, 2013.

elijah boland stoneburner pdx johnny b's gibson sg cherry

Today’s pics are from their show on March 16 at Johnny B’s.

stoneburner pdx johnny b's Scott Kelly Neurosis

damon kelly stoneburner pdx johnny b's

Stoneburner @ Johnny B’s

stoneburner johnny b's pdx medford oregon

I have never seen a crowd at Johnny B’s anywhere near as large as last night’s Stoneburner gig. Hopefully, they play Club 66 next time so that more people can actually see them.

They played a couple of new tunes to kick things off and the new songs are incredible. I’m really looking forward to their next release.

Wild Hunt @ Johnny B’s

Greg Brace Drew Cook West Lenz Harland Burkhart wild hunt oakland california metal band

I have been really enjoying Wild Hunt’s “Before The Plane of Angles” for the past few weeks, and last night I had the chance to see them live in Medford. They are even better live than their outstanding CD. Check them out if you are near Eugene tonight. If you like Enslaved, pre-Heritage Opeth, or Mastodon you are sure to appreciate Wild Hunt as well.

Before The Plane of Angles tour wild hunt metal band oakland bay area california

Exhausted Prayer @ Johnny B’s

black metal extreme progressive exhausted prayer johnny b's medford oregon

Thursday night I headed up I-5 to the new Johnny B’s in Medford to catch The Yearling, Exhausted Prayer, and Sumerian.

Chris McCarthy exhaused prayer black extreme metal opeth enslaved

The show started so late (after 10:30 and I had to get up by 7 the next morning) that I didn’t stick around to see Sumerian, but it was Exhausted Prayer who I really wanted to see. If you like Opeth, Bloodbath, Immortal, or Enslaved then you should like these guys.

exhausted prayer extreme metal opeth bloodbath richard vulich immortal emperor

Johnny B’s is much improved over the old place. The stage is bigger, the bathroom is a million times better, and it will be more enjoyable to watch bands here. Johnny B’s isn’t really open yet (no food or drinks being served yet), but hopefully that will change soon and the bands will come.

Fates Medallion

fates medallion Mike Uzi Ulizzi

Today’s Fates Medallion photos are from the gig with Spellcaster @ Johnny B’s in Medford.

fates medallion jordan batwinas

fates medallion drums drummer

Another jpg vs. RAW comparison

raw vs jpeg jpg compare concert photography poor lighting

from jpg file (about 30 seconds of processing)

I still use jpgs for most of my images even though I shoot in both RAW and jpeg. Whenever I try to process a RAW file, and the photo was taken in decent lighting, my jpg either looks better or it is indistinguishable from the RAW file which took many times longer to process. However, in low, poor, or weird lighting I still, sometimes, try to process the RAW file to see what I can come up with.

I don’t think there is much comparison in today’s photo. The jpg simply does not look better. I could have processed that jpg for hours and still not got it to look remotely as good as the RAW-processed result.

fates medallion

from RAW file (about 5 minutes of processing)

Johnny B’s

johnny bs bar nightclub medford oregon

Johnny manning his bar amid his eclectic collection of novelty items, souvenirs, and other knickknacks…


Sarcalogos Occisor skylar guzman band black metal portland oregon johnny b's medford

I have yet to attend a show at Johnny B’s that started within an hour of when it was supposed to. I thought Fates Medallion were playing first so when I arrived at just before 10 p.m. I was a bit surprised to see Uzi and the other Fates Medallion guys outside with their gear. I figured they must have went on right at 9 and I missed them. As it turns out, they were playing second even though the flyer appeared to indicate otherwise.

johnny bs medford oregon spellcaster Sarcalogos Occisor

First up was Sarcalogos, a mostly black metal twosome from Portland or Washington or somewhere to the north. Bands usually don’t fit well on Johnny B’s tiny stage, but a band with only two members fit just fine. Spellcaster members couldn’t move with five crammed up there.

 Dave Phillips drummer sarcalogos band portland oregon washington black metal

Sarcalogos consists of just Dave Phillips (aka Sarcophilus Satanicus) on drums and Skylar Guzman (aka Sarcalogos Occisor) on guitar and vocals.

Sarcalogos Occisor skylar guzman guitar band name

They seemed like pretty nice dudes. I hope they play in Southern Oregon again.


spellcaster tyler loney

Last night Johnny B’s had a few metal acts playing so I headed up to Medford to try out my new Sigma 85mm f/1.4 lens.

Spellcaster was the headliner. I very much enjoyed their performance.

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